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15 Products So Insanely Expensive that You Wouldn’t Believe They’re Selling on Amazon

It’s a question that us normal citizens may ask: where do the richest of the rich buy their things?

They must use a fancy private concierge service, or something invisible to the general public…right?


Although it may be true that some things they buy are deals done behind closed doors, it turns out that quite a bit is available right in front of your eyes on a website you’re probably on pretty often:

Here’s a list of some of the most expensive and shocking: brace yourself until the end, some of these may really surprise you

1. Audemars Piguet Millenary Mechanical-Hand-Wind Women’s Watch

“Time is money.”

We often say this phrase because we mean it figuratively, or we’re basically trying to make a point that time is worth more than money.

Although the previous mindset is true for most of us, there is a percentage of the population that literally has put a lot of money into something that tells time.

If you think a $5,000 or $10,000 Rolex is expensive, take a look at this Audemars Piguet, which surprisingly is also a women’s model (typically men’s watches are more expensive.)


2. Mickey Mantle Baseball Card

Ok, this one will make you wonder who has the sort of spare change to spend on something that’s truly only very subjectively valuable.

For something that’s really just a small piece of paper with some ink printed on it, it seems that everyone on Amazon can’t believe how much it is.

This Mickey Mantle Baseball card that’s has a six figure asking price is worth checking out even just for the hilarious reviews.

Here’s one of the witty reviews for the card (check it out here to read all of the rest):

Homeless but worth it.

3. Jaeger LeCoultre Crystal Box Clock

Ok this article is partially just education on expensive timemaker brands, most of which are either French or at least French sounding.

For another brand that you’ll probably struggle to pronounce but quickly realize it’s out of your budget unless you’re a zillionaire, here’s a $100K bedside alarm clock–wait does this thing even have an alarm function?

The good news though is if you buy this and your house is robbed, the theft will probably be more likely to steal your $400 Playstation 4 than this six-figures-but-subtle-to-the-uneducated time piece.

4. Rolex Day Date Presidential Diamond 

“Presi Plain Jane” said A$AP Ferg at the end of the hook, and for those of you curious enough to do research or watch the Genius Lyrics video for the hit song “Plain Jane”, you will have learned that this line is a reference to the Rolex Presidential watch, with plain jane simply meaning that the watch is unembellished with diamonds.

Ferg is making a point that a plain watch is not only more tasteful and low-key flexing without trying hard, but it’s actually worth because adding diamonds to your luxury watch typically lowers its resale value.

Well, Ferg’s right about most watches, but what he may not know (or at least what his song doesn’t mention) is that Rolex makes watches that are diamond studded straight out of the factory : this model is not only worth a fat multiple over the regular Presidential, it really looks like it does.

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