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15 Products So Insanely Expensive that You Wouldn’t Believe They’re Selling on Amazon

5. Platinum HDMI Cable

After you see this one, you’ll just wonder what the hell else rich people overpay for.

Even the most mundane of accessories can command a pricetag in the thousands, and this HDMI cable surprisingly greatly surpasses most individual’s budgets on a single item, let alone a simple electronic accessory.

We know platinum is a precious metal and all, but I mean really, how much better does this stuff conduct electricity, and who even needs to squeeze out marginally better performance? There are plenty of fairly priced gold based cable options on the market…

That same robber that overlooked your stupidly expensive French clock will probably ironically unplug and toss this cable aside while running off with the TV that’s worth a mere fraction of what this cable is (although to be fair, if he stole this cable he’d probably have a hard time selling it.)

6. Telephoto Zoom Lens

It’s fairly common knowledge that when buying a camera, you should set aside a good bit of guap for a couple decent lenses, and that the good ones don’t come cheap.

However, it may not be known just how expensive they can get.

If you wanna take HD photos of the moon, Mars, or spy on your ex that lives 3 states away to creepily monitor your long distance relationship, this may be the lens for you.

Next time you’re in the market for a new car you can consider this as an alternative for the same dollar amount.

7. Cable Car Oil Painting

Fine art can be an excellent investment, but basically just when the artist is well known.

It sure takes talent to paint something so realistic that it looks like a photograph, but if it’s truly hyper realistic, it really just looks like a photo.

Why not make nearly the worst art investment ever and get this expensive painting by a fairly obscure artist that basically looks like a photograph.

We don’t know if  we can even classify this as f*ck you money because no one knows that this thing is what it is or costs what it costs. We think it’s best to call this decision financially confused.

8. 14.5 carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Size matters.

These two words have the power to stab someone right where it hurts most, whether it’s for women and their pant size or men and their size of the member that’s also in the lower half of their body.

Many agree that when it comes to the specific numbers, the only person to really notice is the individual themselves that does all the worrying.

Why not take your size insecurity for a potentially regrettable life decision with one of the biggest on the market?

With diamonds, size in carats can exponentially increase price.

This 14.53 carat round cut diamond ring an example that could probably double serve as a paper weight or as an alternative to buying a 5 bedroom house in Ohio for cash.

Talk about overcompensation…

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