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15 Products So Insanely Expensive that You Wouldn’t Believe They’re Selling on Amazon

9. Printer

While we’re at it with overpaying for things that have identical and significantly cheaper alternative, let’s take a look at the most expensive printer on Amazon that’s basically expensive for no reason.

This Xerox printer is simply sold out as new and is now selling for over 100x its original retail price by someone crazy enough to think someone crazier than them is in the market for it.

If the transaction happens, we think it should be mandatory that the buyer and seller meet because we feel like they’ll be instant BFFs over their inability to understand basic economic incentive.

10. Ultra Capacity Hard Drive


As digital storage has gotten exponentially cheaper over the years, it seems that for those who really want or need it, you can still break the bank.

For those that need more than half a million gigabytes in one place (to put this into perspective, this thing holds the storage capacity of 8,000 64GB iPhones), here is a thing made by a brand you’ve probably never heard of, Sans Digital.

At nearly 200 pounds, it probably weights more than you do and also probably costs more than your car.

11. 7.5 Carat Loose Emerald

For you Irish princesses out there, here’s something that you can ask your prince for.

Greener than all of the grass on the Emerald Isle (or at least we’d hope so), this literal emerald costs so much that it’s equally due to make someone green with envy or green with sickness.

…Oh, and you don’t even get a ring or necklace with this one, that you’ll need to throw a couple extra royal bands for.

12. Web Defense Security Service

Many rich people spend a fortune on services from physical security guards, so it makes sense that some would do the same for a virtual team of security guard.

For a price that is primarily made up of the services from a 5 year protection contract, you can have basically the most cyber defense for you online security needs.

This service and product is certainly for the richest though: it’ll cost you the same as exclusive private school tuition or yearly dues at a swanky country club.

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