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15 Products So Insanely Expensive that You Wouldn’t Believe They’re Selling on Amazon

13. Persian Rug

Persian rugs are the finest known to man, and their quality dictates their price.

The two biggest indicators for the price is the time invested as well as the knot count per square inch (kpsi), for those of you who have a future in fine rug dealing or pleasure in collecting obscure facts.

It can take up to 10 years to make 1 rug at 800 kpsi (basically the highest concentration possible) since the process is done by hand, including the dying and weaving.

If you buy this rug right here, you’ll probably expect that it’ll act like you’re Aladdin and start flying around for the stacks you’re required to put up for it.

14. 3D TV

If you’ve watched MTV Cribs or toured the typical multi million dollar mansion, in addition to a weirdly stocked fridge, a home theater is pretty much a staple.

For those who are in the weird in between of rich enough to blow money on expensive things but not rich enough for a $4 million pad with a custom home theater, you can close the gap with something that comes damn close with this 3D TV that’s probably the most expensive on the market right now.

Even though your house will look the same, you can invite over your poorer friends and feel superior because your TV costs more than their entire kitchen and living room combined.

15. Babe Ruth Baseball

No doubt Babe Ruth is perhaps the greatest to have ever held a baseball bat, but how much does it cost to own a piece of his personal history?

For even the most insignificant touch of greatness, a possibly questionable autograph (despite its certificate of authenticity) in what looks like modern blue sharpie on a baseball, you can give away all of your current net worth as a pretty successful late 20 or 30 something.

At least with this one you can have something that’s more visibly valuable than basically everything else on this list lol.

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