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19 “Back to School” Must Haves That Will Instantly Upgrade Your School Year

Bittersweet is in the air!

The long summer days of cookouts, campfires and tents are wrapping up (*sad face*), and you’re now stuck facing the reality that school is in session.

Even if you as a parent don’t mind, the inevitable bad vibes from your child or children are worth addressing in the form of some retail therapy for everyone.

To make it easier for everyone involved in this transition, we’ve put together a list of school staples. Maybe you’ve already bought some of the basic stuff–which is why we’ve put together many that have a fun twist.

Back to school can be exciting!

…Well not totally, but here are some school related things you can get that are basically as fun as they get.

1. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Everyone wants an artistic kid, and even though your mini-you may not really be born with it, you can foster (aka force) it with this super thorough set of colored pencils.

This brilliantly colored set has a spectrum that will make anyone want to start shading from azul to navy to marine blue while trying to make it perfectly balanced the whole way through.

We think it’s a whole lot better than spending time tweaking Instagram photo filters, so this one goes beyond the classroom for a good extracurricular hobby while giving your kid basically the coolest colored pencils that money can buy–it’s definitely not a coincidence that these are an Amazon’s choice with multiple 5 star reviews.

2. Glow In The Dark Slime Glue

Everyone loves things that are glow in the dark, and even though some of the time this glue will be glowing in the dark where no one can see it (when it’s actually being used as glue), it’s a nice novelty to know that your glue does glow and is just so much funner than plain jane glue.

…Or, you can capture your kid’s heart by giving them a necessary ingredient in the DIY slime craze. Not only will your kid thank you, they’ll now become the cool kid with the glowy slime glue which will make school life a whole lot easier.

This 4 pack with fun color variations is the perfect quantity and worth stocking up on before your kid ends up asking for it anyways.

3. 12 Pack of Kid Sized Scissors

Not only are these scissors perfectly made for kids, after giving them a go yourself, you’ll realize that it’s way more ergonomic and comfortable to use these rather than lame bulky “adult” scissors.

We found them to be super convenient for everyday household use like cutting random threads, bags of chips, packaging and more– so this 12 pack is totally worth getting so you can have a lifetime supply of cool little scissors for both yourself and your kids.

4. Hand Lettering Set

Here’s a shopping list item that may seem like overkill at first, but after further research is both practical and fun.

Why would you want your kid to be writing in a calligraphy style? Isn’t it 2018 with advanced graphic drawing iPads and stuff?

Well, turns out…calligraphy makes you smarter, according to many articles like this one, which explain how areas of the brain that go way beyond writing are activated while actually hand writing in a detailed matter.

Also, using this set to rewrite notes that were previously written normally is basically the best way to study: not only do you review all relevant content, but now the notes are organized in a pretty and easy to reference way.

Worth it!

5. Wall Organizer

As those of us who have been adulting for a while know all too well from moving around throughout different living spaces, drawers are basically black holes.

It makes sense that what you don’t see, you often forget, so digging in drawers just becomes a part of everyday life and is sadly a huge time suck.

When it comes to your kids, saving them from loss-by-drawer is a matter of academic success or failure which is no laughing matter.

This brilliant wall organizer solves the problem by putting things right in front of you using wall space that is often not used at all. It’s bright and impossible to ignore so your kid will never lose his homework again, and makes a great addition to your home office as well.

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