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19 “Back to School” Must Haves That Will Instantly Upgrade Your School Year

6. Scented Markers

We’ve all smelled markers that we shouldn’t smell before, but this literally kills brain cells most of the time and is just a really bad, really weird habit because that stuff doesn’t even smell so good.

Save your kids from this totally unnecessary behavior by giving them markers that smell really good that you can sniff safely and mark away!

You may end up buying some for yourself once you realize that no one is too old for a well scented Raspberry marker.

7. Post Its

Really though…who doesn’t need more Post Its?

This household staple is basically a necessary decoration for any student or busy adult’s room, or just for any room in the house.

You’re gonna run out of these anyway, so you might as well get more of these classics while you’re at it.

Oh, and here are some Pinterest Post-It usage ideas that will make you want to buy like 10 packs of these.

8. Twistable Colored Pencils


Not sure if it’s just us…but we’ve always found colored pencils harder to sharpen with. We end up using ordinary pencils, which is a tragedy because the colored ones are just so much better for note taking or fun.

There’s no need to deal with sharpening woes anymore thanks to this product that you may not know Crayola actually makes: these twistable colored pencils don’t require sharpening, and they’re absolutely brilliant.

It’s no wonder they have so many five star reviews!


9. X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener


Nothing’s worse than a bad pencil sharpener–you end up shortening your pencil’s precious little life span by sharpening it too much or breaking it, which is totally frustrating.

You need something more precise..

You’re familiar with X-ACTO for its super well made, laser precise knives, but you may not have known that they also make a pencil sharpener.

It’s the cream of the crop, totally worth investing in this just once for you to have at home or for your kid’s classroom for a perfectly sharp pencil every time.

10. Cleverly Reinforced Loose Leaf Paper

Remember when you took those awesome notes on looseleaf, and you shoved them in your binder then into your backpack kinda weird, and they ended up ripping out and getting ruined?

Those stick on hole reinforcer things are just way too tedious.

Whoever designed and patented this stuff is probably a millionaire because this is nearly as clever as silent velcro (Garden State fans where you at?).

It’s not worth buying normal looseleaf paper once you’ve discovered these–no wonder they’re the best selling looseleaf paper on Amazon.

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