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22 Brilliantly Simple Products On Amazon That Will Make Your Life 10x Easier

We’re always encouraged to think outside the box, but to actually do so can be pretty tough.

Thankfully, there are geniuses that created these 22 top selling products on Amazon that solve problems in a way that will make you want to find the guy who made them and give him a big high five.

In this list, you’ll discover a wide range of mind opening products, from the most compact and convenient way to dispose of kitchen trash ever, to clever things for your furry friends, and of course, the most clever gizmos that you will make you wonder how you ever lived your life without them.

Brace yourself for this potpourri of product heaven so good that you shouldn’t be surprised if they end up on your online shopping list.

 1. Thumb Thing


Do you ever wish parts of your body, like your fingers were more functional?

Us humans are so advanced to have invented things like the smartphone (which is literally a supercomputer and awesome camera that you can fit in your pocket and use to communicate with other humans), but when it comes to going low tech and clever, we’re surprisingly lacking.

We’ve expanded our mental capabilities so much through technology, but apart from expensive prosthetics, we haven’t really done much in the real of our body. Shouldn’t we have an every day accessible way to increase the performance of parts of our body that don’t require losing the body part in the first place?

If you’ve ever read a paperback, you know the struggle of not being able to hold the book open at a good width with your thumb.

Oh God…or when the book closes on you as you’re totally engulfed in the plot.

*The worst.*

Instead of resorting to holding the book like a newspaper like a total dork, imagine if you had a thumb that could open the book pages to the perfect width?

The struggle is real for us bookworms, and thank God Amazon has this super cheap, super functional way to give yourself a better thumb for book purposes.

Talk about evolution.

2. Reverse Umbrella

Dancing in the rain?

No… life isn’t a romance movie like The Notebook and we’re not kids anymore that don’t like splashing in puddles, and we’re adults that think of the consequence of being totally soaked and having to dry your clothes, socks, underwear; having to change out of your soaked outfit that sticks to your body…

Maybe like once in a while it’s fun (like if you’re in vacation in Tahiti and you wanna make up for the fact that it’s raining with something fun and you’re gonna go skinny dipping later so you don’t care about your clothes anyways), but for the average real individual, having anti rain gear is essential.Umbrellas are the staple, but ironically come with their own set of problems, like when they break when they turn inside out because it’s windy.

If you looked hard enough online to solve your umbrella problems, you probably would have discovered this genius solution, which is to make an umbrella whose natural state is to be inside out.

Not only do these basically never break, they’re dual layered so they can withstand wind.

They’re also colorful and fashionable so you can brighten up the grey day and feel just dandy, regardless of the crap weather.

3. Purse Hook


You bought a new purse, but now you have the biggest dilemma known to purse owners everywhere: not knowing where to put it when you’re sitting down and not carrying it, especially when it’s new.

Your man doesn’t quite understand this issue (“Aren’t purses made to deal with the elements?”, he quips), so you have to take the matter into your own hands.

Instead of trying to find a booth at a restaurant just to take up the unnecessary space of putting your bag next to you just so you won’t put it on the floor, get a purse hook instead.

“A what?”, you might ask?

Well, here’s a gizmo so clever that you’ll wonder why purse makers don’t just include these in their bags anyways.

It’s no wonder that this thing is a top seller on Amazon.

Here’s a brand that’s Amazon’s choice because of its superlative quality compared to other options.

Your purse and the restaurant hostess will thank you next time you go out!

4. Snake Drain

You know, people are so scared when plumbing issues happen that they’re probably literally throwing money down the drain every time there’s a problem with the piping in their house.

Plumbers aren’t cheap, and people justify the expense by telling themselves that the hired labor is for something that is too disgusting for the ordinary person to handle.

Hair is perhaps the biggest cause of plumbing problems, according to sources like this plumbing blog, and also perhaps one of the easiest to prevent using tools like snake drains.

Stop throwing away that money, just stop!

Give a fraction of a plumbing visit to this intuitively designed snake drain, which is one of the most user friendly and prettiest designs out there that you won’t mind whipping out and using. The only downside is that you’ll see how much hair you’re losing every week and it might make you fear that you’re going bald (Chill though, you’re probably not.)

5. French Fry Holder

Fast food drive throughs are such a solid part of the ‘Murican culture, and ironically, the popularity and price of the car detailing business if driven strongly from our fast food addiction on the road.

Aside from getting ketchup and burger juice on your clothing, the biggest culprit that almost always requires a deep cleaning of your car are fries.

They just seem to get everywhere, mostly because most people try to throw them in the cupholder, hoping they’ll stay.

Rather than dealing with spilled fries that are too big for your cupholder or trying to hold the container and eat and drive at the same tame (which may be worse than texting and driving, tbh), get this dedicated french fry holder.

Not only will you feel like an absolute genius when you buy it, your car will be cleaner than ever so you’ll save yourself a trip to the car detailer or the hassle of trying to remove that single french fry that is slipped in that impossible to reach spot in your car seat.

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