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22 Brilliantly Simple Products On Amazon That Will Make Your Life 10x Easier

6. Car Hooks

Now that we’re on the topic of optimizing our automobiles, we might as well consider the irony of how spacious our cars are when we don’t have passenger, but how little storage options we have.

Most glove compartments are tiny and impossible to open, and the storage place in between the seats is almost always insufficient.

Those hooks in the back in theory are one of the best options for things like handbags or grocery bags, but they always lead to things falling off because they’re never big enough.

Take a look at these genius car hooks that go on the back of the headrests of both your driver and passenger seats for easy accessibility and awesome functionality, and you’ll realize why the many positive reviews, which include titles like “No more soccer-mom arming my bags”, exist.

7. Dog Food Reminder


We’ve got pill boxes for our appetite, Google calendar for appointments, and for food? Um, our appetite, and social bonding incentives?

So we don’t really have to think about feeding us humans, but when it comes to our little furry friend, sometimes, miscommunication between us silly humans happens, and we either over or under feed Fido.

Check out this clever and cute dog food reminder, so you never have to wonder whether or not your man’s best friend has been fed, and avoid needing to text your often unreliable kids, partner, or roommate who doesn’t always remember to feed to dog.

8. Lick Brush


OK so it’s a fact that most of us love dogs, but some of us are fans of felines.

It’s so rewarding when cats come up and lick you with their cute little tongues, mainly because their affection is so rare that getting it seems like luck of the draw, even for owners.

Do you ever think that by reciprocating the licking, you’ll get more of it back?

Uh, probably not, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

Some cat lovers put this thing, which you put on your tongue to simultaneously lick and scratch your kitty (you have to see it here to believe it), which is oddly fun to do, maybe even more so to fellow humans.

It’s a funny and clever gift to lightly poke fun at your cat lover or for you or your kids to pretend you’re a cat without literally licking other people.

9. Godzilla Humidifier

We love when people take a boring concept, and make it so fun that you’ll reap its benefits 2 ways: from a laugh or a smile in addition to its intended benefit.

One of the best and most original products that we’ve seen on Amazon that fell into this category is this humidifier that looks like Godzilla and sprays the mist out of the mouth in a way that looks like the little guy is blowing fire.

We can already feel the insecurity of your old humidifier as you’re reading this…

It’s no wonder that plenty of buyers love its charm as well, and with near 5 star reviews across the board, it’s well worth the purchase.

10. Produce Life Extending Mats


A lot of us hate the issue of fresh produce going bad before we use them in the fridge.

Fruits and vegetables don’t come in even sizes, so it’s basically impossible to gauge how much you’ll actually use, so you end up buying more, then wastefully throwing them away (ugh you don’t even compost, but that’s another story…)

Intimidating solutions like questionable sprays and weird contraptions don’t seem like they’ll work or they just seem too complicated.

Here’s a godsend for you to free you from your fruit and veggie waste induced guilt: a foam mat specially designed to preserve produce.

Not only is it so easy and mindless to use, it really works, check the reviews and get it here for the crispiest fruits and veggies you’ve ever had in your life!

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