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22 Brilliantly Simple Products On Amazon That Will Make Your Life 10x Easier

11. 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

As many as you at home chefs (or wanna be at home chefs) may know, the absolute most important tool of the chef is the knife.

Knives are also obviously cause for risk, and what a lot of people don’t have in the forefront of their mind is that a sharp knife is actually significantly safer than a dull knife, because most cuts come from a loss of control and/or over exertion, and sharp knives are much easier to use and thus control.

Instead of trying to sharpen knives on that metal stick thing like a warrior or using some sort of stone thing that doesn’t really work and sometimes seems to make your knife duller, get this 3 stage sharpener, which is a best seller for a reason.

It’ll keep those knives of yours in the sharpest condition so that you’ll have ultimate control and easily chop, slice, and dice your way into feeling like the iron chef of your home town.

12. Microwave Pasta


Making a good spaghetti is one of the simple pleasures of life…yet ironically, for some people, it’s the easiest thing to mess up.

Ok maybe you’re a pasta pro, but if you delegate the task to someone else, whether it’s your partner, your roommate, or your kid, they always seem to come out soggy no matter how many times you tell them to boil before you put the noodles in, not after!

How about let’s just avoid the stove top and make pasta universally easy by using the microwave?

This previously impossible solution now exists thanks to the pasta gods who came up with this invention where you can cook perfect al dente pasta, literally with the push of a button. This one is big enough to serve a whole family, or just you when you’re “carbo loading” for that run tomorrow (or if you’re just saying that as an excuse to justify your stress eating ;P)

13. Microwave S’more Maker

Ok the dude who invented the microwave was amazing, so let’s do a round 2 on microwavable solutions that you may not have thought of before.

Here we’ll hit a past time that is seriously one of the best to exist: cooking s’mores at a campfire.

But now it’s hard to do this, whether it’s because now you moved downtown to a big city where starting a fire will get you criminally charged with arson, or if it’s because summer only happens a few months out of the year for most people in America (screw you, So Cal).

Cook s’mores in the convenience of your home instead and have a fun indoor campfire experience, minus the risk of burning your creations to utter blackness. This microwavable s’more gadget cooks the gooey treat perfectly, and it makes a wonderful gift to either yourself or a friend to bring back some of that childhood nostalgia goodness.

14. Wine Aerator

OK we’re all not wine snobs, and maybe we just love the cheapest wine we can get that we can drink straight out of the bottle while watching romance movies with our friends, but let’s try for a second to understand where they’re coming from.

If you’ve never had good wine from Bordeaux or even California or Australia, you’re totally missing out on an insane taste experience, a real sensational party in your mouth.

Before you go to the liquor store and drop $80 on a fancy sounding French Red that has good reviews online, realize that how you pour the wine is critically important.

Instead of risking pouring your expensive investment all over your counter by trying to aerate by pouring from a distance, get this decanter, which is well worth the investment and will impress both yourself and that wine snob friend of yours.

It’s super easy to use, and it’ll even make your cheap wine taste better, so you can actually start to enjoy the pleasure that comes from being in the world of wine.

15. Dip Clips

When you’re snacking in front a television late at night after a long day, there’s pretty much no better choice than dip + a crunchy salty vehicle to scoop and devour the dip with.

However, the last thing you’re thinking about is how clean your outfit is.

…Sucks when you get dip on your work clothes that you never changed out of and you have to do laundry again, doesn’t it?

We think the issue lies with 2 bowls, and the distance between the 2 bowls.

Too bad we weren’t the first people to invent the solution, because these guys are like gods when it comes to home gadgets with this Dip Clip.

Get the super clever Dip Clip here, and with just one clip and one bowl, you’ll have less mess and more smiles 🙂

Now go on to continue to Netflix and chill like a boss?

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