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22 Brilliantly Simple Products On Amazon That Will Make Your Life 10x Easier

16. Thaw Claw

Buying frozen meats and fish is awesome: not only is it cheaper, you can buy more and not worry when it will go bad.

However, this grocery hack comes with one of the most annoying aspects of prepping food: thawing.

So, to be clear, we think it’s necessary to make the PSA that one can’t simply run hot water on your meat just to thaw it more quickly, you can get sick if you do this as this puts food in its “danger zone” temperature too long, the zone where harmful bacteria can grow… we probably all have a friend who has by due to their poor thawing skills.

Don’t be the silly thawer that risks food poising for the sake of time!

Get this brilliant thaw claw.

It’s dead simple, and with its straightforward and fun design, you’ll have can be proud of and enjoy one of the most mundane parts of getting the frozen stuff to room temp.

Its efficient and clever design earned it wide publicity on Shark Tank, just read all about the press and good reviews here on Amazon today!

17. Hanging Garbage Can

Having easy access to a trash can for cleanup is one of the most annoying things about prepping in the kitchen for fellow OCD’s …or just for people who wanna be more efficient with their lives.

Everyone should wanna be more efficient, because efficiency means more time, and time is money, and hey, we all like money right?

This hanging garbage can clips right on your counter so you can have disposal at an arms length.

Although most of the reviewers use it for the kitchen, it’s also super awesome for desks, at your bedside, at picnics, or anywhere else you could benefit from a portable, clippable trash can.

18. Shoe Slot Organizer

In theory, our shoe rack has shoes in pairs organized neatly next to each other…but we know that what is true in theory is almost never true in practice.

Maybe we get a home or a bigger place with a shoe rack inside of a closet, and now your morning and/or pre-going out routine consists of 5-10 minutes of finding the matching pair of that one shoe that you really wanna wear.

Save some time and feel good about yourself and get your shoes organized!!If you want to replace the habit of tossing your kicks in the closet with something that’ll save you sanity, get this thing: it’s about to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to shoes.

This intelligent shoe slot organizer not only keeps your shoes together, it saves you space so you have room on your now organized shoe rack for that new pair of heels.

19. Bracelet Flask

Being a real life James Bond is awesome, but I mean we’re not going on cool missions every day and there aren’t many things that require us to act like a spy would, so we don’t really seek out covert accessories, which are also normally expensive.

However, one mission we’ve encountered is wanting to sneak in alcohol to a venue and getting it confiscated.

We are led to think of more and more clever ways to get it in…thankfully some people have done the thinking for us, using a bracelet!

We hope none of you guys reading this are security at Coachella !! (if you are plz let this one slide bc it’s so so clever :p)

Not only will this bracelet, that doubles as a flask, fit your outfit perfectly, it’ll also carry 3.5 oz of whatever booze you want– the stronger the better though right? 😉

Get it here today, and join the secret group of the undercover bracelet booze crew.

20. Drawstring Makeup Bag

Makeup is so hard for so many reasons, mainly because we probably have too much of it, so keeping it all in one place and organized is too much of a hassle.

We may start with a makeup bag with tons of different slots to keep the many colors and stuff organized, but putting the same colors in the same place every time is so hard and time consuming

We already take so long to get ready, can’t we make it faster? Isn’t there a better way?

Get this easy solution instead, it’s so genius. This drawstring makeup bag lets you be lazy about your storage but efficient at the same time.

It opens up flat so you can see everything that’s in it, but bundles up into an easy to stash bag when you don’t

It’s the equivalent of chucking all your clothes in the closet and closing the door to make a bedroom look clean, and we absolutely love it because of that.

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