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25 Products So Ridiculously Well Made that You Might As Well Consider Them Invincible


6. Dutch Oven

  • Crockpots are great, but they are technological (and arguably subpar) modern takes on an OG Classic in Kitchenware: The Dutch Oven.

Wow your friends by being the only person who actually literally has a Dutch Oven in their house, and have peace of mind knowing that you invested in a solid kitchen staple that will bring you and your family pleasure over the following years.

Crafted in France, this is one of the best options on the market, and once you develop the pride of using its cooking technique, it will last you a lifetime and save you the need for ever wastefully plugging in a crockpot again.


7. Cutting Board

Speaking of old school kitchen items that have the double duty of lasting forever and serving a legitimate, chef driven purpose, a cutting board falls near the top of the list of musts.

You’ve probably never owned a well made cutting board in your life, but when you do, it makes a world of a difference. This one has great reviews and is absolutely worth the investment in the long run.


8. Water Bottle 

Hydration is a necessity of life. If you didn’t know this fun fact already, at about a 60% water content in the human body, we’re basically mermaids in that regard because we’re half water creatures.

It’s worth investing in the best when it comes to hydration, and this water bottle is the Ferrari of all water bottles.

With insane thermal capabilities that keep your drink at the right temperature forever and features like a powdered grip and a unique Wide Mouth Straw Lid, this is the perfect gift for yourself or others, and you an get it right here.


9. Copperlock Knife

A single purpose pocket knife is something you should carry in every day life. We won’t go in depth on the reasons here, but many articles including this one by Popular Mechanics will make you realize that leaving your place without a pocket knife is basically leaving naked.

Don’t settle for a cheap option that you’ll probably replace multiple times throughout your life. This premium Copperlock by Harley Davidson is made with surgical grade  stainless steel and will probably save your life or someone else’s one day, so get it now to be prepared for the real world (or a spontaneous zombie apocalypse).

10. Notebook

In this world of screens and typing, we’ve lost touch with many primal instincts that fulfill us as human beings and make our lives more bearable.There’s something incredibly nostalgic and rewarding about owning a rustic leatherbound journal. Here’s a highly reviewed one that will have you feeling like Mark Twain even if you’re just scribbling dramatic first world problems about your dating life.


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