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25 Products So Ridiculously Well Made that You Might As Well Consider Them Invincible

11. Butcher Knife 

There are a few classic knives that you need in your arsenal that will have you one step closer to being Gordon Ramsey, and a butcher knife is one of them.

Fret not about the myriad of options out there on the web, we’ve done our research and picked this highly reviewed and very reasonably priced Butcher Knife made to last in a commercial high volume kitchen, which means it’ll totally outlast your humble daily kitchen use.


12. Wool Hiking Socks

Although you’ve probably heard of wool socks, you’re turned off by the price tag like most people.

But as Business Insider and many other sources will tell you, there’s magic in owning wool socks, and they’ll make winter much more bearable and if you break down the cost over the course of the years you’ll own them (you can pretty much bet they’ll never get holes like your cotton socks), they’re actually budget friendly.

Here’s a 4 pack of USA made Merino Wool socks that will change the life below your ankles forever.

13. Metal Pencil

Whether you’re a professional artist or drafter or not doesn’t matter, you can still experience the absolute luxury of putting your thoughts and visions on paper with a well made writing tool.

Here’s a super sturdy metal pencil that will bring out your inner architect every time you use it so you can feel 10x more creative than you actually are.


14. Heavy Duty Shears

Most people own scissors, and a few people own shears.

The shear owners will tell you it’s a dirty secret to a better life to own a good pair of shears that you can use to cut things that many scissors can’t touch, like upholstery and composite materials.

Here’s a superbly engineered pair that you can add to your household and reap its sheer range of benefits as you experience the sharp feeling of owning them and their precision ground, hot dropped forged nickel plated blades.

15. Coffee Thermos 

For you coffee lovers out there whose bodies are closer to 50% liquid coffee than 50% water, you’ll benefit from a well made coffee thermos.

Here’s a classic option with thousands of 5 star reviews that Amazon recommends that will have you feeling like a beast with its large size (over 1QT)that  will have you dosed up for hours as your brew stays piping hot in its vacuum sealed double walled container that’s basically indestructible.

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