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25 Products So Ridiculously Well Made that You Might As Well Consider Them Invincible

21. Swiss Army Knife

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate army knife to end all army knives looks like, and what kind of tools it will have?

Check out this Swiss made SwissChamp Swiss army knife (those 3 Swiss’s must mean this thing is legit AF) by premium crafter Victorinox that will put all other so called swiss army knives to shame with its 33 different functions.


22. Swedish Platinum Blade Razor 

Popular consumer razor options are a weird bunch, and leave most people lacking. They’re either too expensive and not made for longevity, or they’re cheap but wastefully replaceable, like those subscription model blades.Solve your razor woes forever with The Vikings Blade, which is an eco friendly option honed of pure metal made with superlative craftmanship and Swedish platinum superblades. Not only will it outlast your cheap or overpriced old blades, it’ll be easier to use and thus safer with its additional anti-misalignment safety feature.


23. Bamboo Hair Brush

Many of us spend tons of money on our hair health repairing damage that can be easily avoided.

What many people don’t realize is that the ordinary hair brush, which most people use every day, damages hair by stripping healthy natural oil, leaving it frayed and in need of expensive concoctions to simply get it back to normal.

Avoid the daily wear with a proper hair brush (this Italian made brush is an excellent option) made to greatly reduce the stripping of natural luster. You’ll realize you won’t need half of those expensive hair treatments after using this daily, so it’s well worth the investment.


24. Jam Free Stapler 

Nothing is more frustrating than a jammed stapler.

Jams often happen from trying to staple a stack that’s too large, or they just happen overtime as part of daily wear on the ordinary stapler.

Solve both of those problems with this jam free stapler that is made to reliably staple up to 40 sheets of paper at a time. As an added bonus, it is engineered to have maximum output with minimal force, so you don’t have to waste energy by smacking it to make sure it fully gets through even the toughest stack.


25. Ergonomic Poker Lighter

Whether you’re a regular smoker or if you just want a really cool multi-tool, this unique poker lighter is worth adding to your collection of multi purpose tools.Not only is it well made and comfortably ergonomic, it has a handy poker tool that pops out when you need it so you never have to fumble around for a paper clip or any other lackluster option to clean out your smoking apparatus.

Get it here, it’s lit!


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