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26 Incredibly Handy Products on Amazon with a Huge Following

6. Bag Resealer

This thing is absolutely brilliant.

With some magic in the form of heat, it will seal up your bag of potato chips, your bag of veggies, and thanks to its literal magnetism, it will stick on your fridge so you never lose it like those inefficient bag clamps that you find yourself buying more of way too regularly.

You can grab one of these handy gadgets here.

7. Repair Putty


You have a toolbox full of tools and stuff so you can feel like the ultimate handyman, even though you’ll probably never use any of those tools in your life.

Why not add something you’ll probably actually use so one day you’ll step up to the plate as a real life handyman?

This repair putty is another thing that can save you a steep bill from a plumber or contractor at a price that’s hard to justify not getting as insurance and peace of mind.


8. Self Watering Terracotta Plant Spikes


In your younger days, you were the ultimate plant person.

You had pride in the amount of greenery in your house in the form of pots that were hanging, standing, and everywhere in between.

As your career became more demanding and your little mini-me’s became part of your life, for the first time ever you’ve become a plant killer 🙁

Your kiddo’s aren’t old enough to water your plants even if you paid them to, and it seems like no one else in the household can remember or hold the responsibility to hydrate your green friends before they go brown.

Instead of having to go through the grief of ditching your impressive plant collection, grab these premium self watering Terracotta plant spikes that will do the job of keeping your plants alive, even when you go on vacation so you don’t need to call your neighbor to house sit ever again.


9. Reusable Wool Dryer Balls


Ok so you’re on a green kick so you’re beginning to feel guilty about the amount of dryer sheets you use but you’re torn because your clothes are just not the same without them.

Thankfully, you can get these reusable wool dryer balls and never have to buy those disposable sheets again.

Check out the enormous amount of positive reviews too if you’re a skeptic about their functionality, they might even do a better job on your clothes than those tree killing things you have right now.


10. Battery Pack


OK you’re a productive busy person who’s out and about a lot so you might already have one of these, but maybe you lost it or broke it or the one you have just sucks.

You deserve the best, so check this out: this portable charger comes with an 18 year to lifetime warranty and nearly 6 full phone charges when it’s fully loaded.

Talk about a lifesaver when it’s late and your phone’s battery is nearly dead from that unexpected late night 3 hour FaceTime because your friend from out of state wanted to feel like they were at the bar with you and now your phone’s basically dead and you need an Uber bad.


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