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26 Incredibly Handy Products on Amazon with a Huge Following

11. Charcoal Purifying Bags


Throw these in your kiddo’s gym shoes and they won’t freaking stink, I promise.” You didn’t believe your friend at first, but when her kid came over and for the first time ever, his shoes didn’t stink, you became a believer.

Get these bags as an all natural way to clear up nasty odors with the detoxifying powers of charcoal, without the need to cover up with chemicals which more often than not ends up as a weird potpourri of a scent that just has too much going on. Better to have no smell at all.


12. Nail Clippers

If there’s something in your little beauty weapon arsenal that you never think to upgrade but you totally should, it’s definitely your nail clipper.

It’s time you stop buying those $0.99 options from the drug store, which are not only terrible for your nails in the long run, but you probably break them so much that you end up spending more than you would on these in the long run.

These are also great for those with thick nails as well as the elderly who need an accurate and easy to use trimmer (hey, you’ll be old one day too…).


13. Drain Stopper


So you went and bought some luscious bath bombs and have been taking these awesome baths lately…but something’s up.

It seems like it takes longer than it should to fill up your tub, and when you’re soaking in reading your favorite book,  you feel that the either you’re crazy, or the water level is visiblygoing down during your precious bath time.

These issues are probably because your stock drain stopper sucks (all of them do).

Fill your tub quicker than ever and keep it at the same level once it’s full, save your money and your sanity by getting this drain stopper that is totally worth it at less than the price of that Chipotle burrito you had for lunch.


14. Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This is one that is better than it sounds, and one of those things that those who own them, they keep it as a secret weapon in their daily life.

Not only will this Bluetooth FM Transmitter connect your phone calls to your old-but-paid-off car speakers, it doubles as a car locator.

Imagine the stress it will save you every single time you forget where you parked or when you get a phone call and can hear the caller perfectly without pressing the phone up to your ear.

This thing is like buying a stress free car assistant, not to mention you won’t have an excuse to trade in your paid off car for a newer model with Bluetooth that will come with impractical payments.

15. Magnetic Wristband


Nothing is more frustrating when building that IKEA furniture than losing those damn screws that seem to roll for days if you let them on the ground just a little too hard.

If you’ve ever been guilty of needing to call up the manufacturer for replacement screws because of this issue, you especially know the pain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your wrist was magnetic, so you’d never lose those little screws as you’re doing your work because they literally stick to you

With this wristband you can enjoy the powers of a magnetic wrist for not just screws, but needles or just screwing around because you’re bored.


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