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26 Incredibly Handy Products on Amazon with a Huge Following

16. Keyboard Cleaner

You’ve been cleaning your keyboard wrong all along…

You used to use those air duster things to clean your keyboard, but then you saw some TLC show of a lady hooked on them, abusing them like they were PCP, and now you’ve thrown them away, afraid that maybe one day out of boredom you or someone in your abode would fall into that downward spiral.

Thank God there’s this option that you may not have heard of until now!

The makers of this keyboard cleaner gel probably had the same reason in mind when they invented this product, and not only is it a safer alternative, it really works.

As a bonus, it’s super fun to use and will make you feel like a kid again.


17. Car Headset Hooks


OK who really even uses those hooks in the rear seats to hang things other than traveling salesmen who are probably selling life insurance or weird pharmaceuticals.

Despite their practicality, these hooks not only give you that sleazy look when you’re driving, but they block your rear visibility in crucial blindspot.

Get these genius car headset hooks that hang things discreetly inside of your car so you can reap the benefits of having a portable mini closet in your car without the downside.


18. Micro USB Cable

Do you ever wish your charging cord was just shorter: sometimes by a lot, sometimes by a little,

Or that it was longer: sometimes by a lot, sometimes by a little….

Just one cord can’t please you!

Whether it’s the first world problem of the outlet being too far for you to charge your phone while laying back completely and comfortably in your cozy bed, or if you’re plugging your phone into a portable charger inside of your purse and there’s just too much cord tangled up, these Micro USB cables come in a 6 pack with sizes of 1 to 6 feet.

Each cord also has a convenient little extension that doubles as a tie that keeps your cords organized inside of the storage bag they come with too. Get these today to have your Goldilocks for any charging situation! iPhone user? You can still use these for that Kindle of yours.


19. Can Colander

You’re on a canned food kick because you stumbled across this awesome blog with super fast recipes that all include canned food, but you realize every canned food known to man has pointless amounts of liquid inside of them that you don’t want in your food and don’t have a good way of straining other than dumping the liquid carefully in your sink, hoping you don’t spill any beans in the process.

Before you whip out that same strainer you use for pasta, check out this can colander. It’s the perfect solution to this problem: it fits any can perfectly and will have you assured that not one bean will be lost in the process of straining that you’ve become all too familiar with.

20. Shower Shaving Foot Rest

When you were living at your parents house shaving your legs, you’d always do it in the tub because it was soo much easier. Now that you’re older, you either don’t have a tub, or are too lazy or conservative with your water to fill it up every time you want smooth legs. Shaving standing up is so hard. You end up doing yoga moves while wielding a sharp object while on a slippery surface.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something to prop your leg on to get easy access to your legs?

Some genius created this Shower foot rest specifically for this purpose. It’s totally worth paying up for this thing versus other alternatives, because it is sturdily manufactured so you will know that you can rely on it to hold you up as you get a close up of your silky legs.


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