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26 Incredibly Handy Products on Amazon with a Huge Following

21. Silicone Baking Mats


Mankind owes a hell of a lot to Silicone in the recent years of innovation.

From computer chips to bodily enhancements, our vast utilization of this magical element is so appreciated that we named an area at the pinnacle of technological revolution, Silicon Valley, after it.

It’s about time then that you innovate in your kitchen–I’m not talking about the obvious technological advancements like your stove or fridge.

I’m talking about your cooking supplies, specifically your baking stuff.

These Silicone baking mats eliminate the need for wasteful paper or excessive non stick oils by just being non stick on their own.

Make baking more fun with this 3 pack that comes in fun colors and includes 2 full sheets and a half sheet.


22. Car Humidifier

As much as you may have used them before, those traditional scented plug-ins for your car vents are pretty freakin’ awful for your health.

You use all natural oil diffusers in your bedroom, and you wish you could get those in your car, and you didn’t think there was an option…until now.

This clever gadget only needs a few drops of whatever essential oil you choose (or even none at all if you’d like to just have a source of fresh air) and makes use of the naturally occurring moisture droplets in the air to diffuse fresh air into circulation in your car.

It’s an absolute must have for savvy commuters.


23. Mini Gym Bag



When you discover the proper tool for the job, life just feels a whole lot better when you realize you’ve been living in the dark the whole time before using it.

That’s how you’ll feel with this perfectly sized mini gym bag. Gone will be the days of using a duffle bag that’s too big, or using a purse or your backpack that are not meant for the gym.

Its unique cylindrical shape can be used to perfectly transport a pair of shoes and a light change of clothes. For the serious gym goers, it even perfectly fits a 6 inch foam roller.


24. Canvas Tote Bag


Speaking of bags and proper tools for the job, we’ve got a perfect option for those who want something that’s more durable than your purse that you can lug around practically anywhere.

This canvas tote bag is just as functional as it is fashionable: you can take it to the beach, out hiking, or even bring it to your grocery store to make you feel better about the fact that otherwise your lifestyle is generally not so green (added bonus: many stores even give you a discount for bringing your own bag!)


25. BookBone Bookmark Weight


Attention students, lovers of big hardback novels, or just big books in general that you lay out on a table: we’ve got the perfect product for you.

I wish I knew about this Bookmark weight in college.

Nothing is worse than trying to concentrate during an all nighter when your hand slips and your book closes and you freaking lose the page that you were on because you were too tired to notice!!!

This book bone has you covered.

It’s like having two more hands pressing down your book, keeping it open for crucial moments.

Because it’s shaped like a straight line, it also makes it easy to save a line that you want to come back to as you leave your book to take some notes.

Talk about the ultimate study buddy!



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