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27 of the Most Ingenious Gadgets on Amazon

6. Collapsable Water Bottle


How often do you forget things or omit things when embarking on a trip, just because they don’t fit?

Sadly, one of the most important things to bring, a source hydration, sometimes doesn’t make it pre-rendezvous and you end up being wasteful and buying water bottles at a gas station.

You even have a reusable water bottle, but judging by your storage priority to size ratio for your purse or backpack, the bottle doesn’t make the cut…until now!

Get this super handy collapsible water bottle that you can fill at the destination while it hides neatly in your bag as small as that cookie you always make room for. Enjoy more room and the good feeling of being friendly to the environment, all while having fun collapsing this thing open and closed!


7. Bluetooth Headphones


Ok…we all know that we are suckers for branding, and that a lot of things that are slapped with something well marketed are not always the highest quality.

Why overpay for the same thing?

This is why brands like Costco’s Kirkland and Trader Joe foods are so successful, they give you the source without the middleman or marketing cost.

Headphones are not immune to this psychological trap, in fact they are one of the biggest rip-off consumer products..

Although there are many acoustically well made headphones that are justified by the price, some (AHEM headphone slapped with the letter that comes after A…) have a high price mostly due to tons of money spent on marketing.

If you don’t mind not looking like a cool kid but knowing that you saved a whole lot of money, get these very comparable over the ear bluetooth headphones straight from the source and smile to yourself next time you see someone walking by with a pair that they probably paid 10x more than you but is made by very similar manufacturers.

8. Drink Cooler

Do you ever go over someone’s place for a gathering and they whip out something that’s so damn cool that you can’t help but comment positively with a tinge of real envy, even if you don’t really like them?

This drink cooler is sure to evoke such a reaction, not only does it look super cool, but it’s actually incredibly functional at getting and keeping drinks cool in absolutely record time (60 seconds…literally).

So next time someone comes over to your BBQ sheepishly asking to put their warm 6 pack in the fridge, bask in your heroic status as you whip this thing out and cool all 6 beers faster than they would in a sub zero freezer in the middle of a Russian winter.


9. Tactical Pen


Who the hell buys expensive pens? This isn’t Wall Street and my Bic is just fine…


Imagine having a literal tactical weapon/tool in your pocket at all times, AND you have the excuse to hold it in your hand at all times, even at work.

For that reason, you should totally get or gift this insanely cool and functional tactical pen, whether you believe a zombie apocalypse is around the corner or if you just want to spice up your time at the office by knowing you’re the most well equipped person there, thanks to one single genius accessory.



10. Hot Dog Steamer


Hot Dogs are a b*tch to cook. You either have to whip up out a freaking grill outside, or you try and pan fry them and they just roll around and never cook evenly.

That mini grill you use as an indoor alternative seems to burn the sh*t out of your dogs every time.

The desperate do the inconceivable: they microwave them.

Before you nuke your delicious meat cylinders, consider this insanely awesome retro hot dog steamer.

It’ll cook your hot dogs evenly and more healthily than just about any other option, plus it just plain looks cool sitting in your kitchen.


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