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27 of the Most Ingenious Gadgets on Amazon

11. Bike Tail Light


Hey there city slicker and suburban biker, we’re talking to you:

This light is the be all and end all of bike tail lights.

Sleek and circular, with many cool settings, it’s also rechargable so you never have to buy batteries again.

It’s easy to attach to anything, not just your seat: you can put it on your handlebars, helmet, or even your wrist or ankle if you’re out for a hike that ends past sunset.

It’s also great to use if you’re planning to go to Burning Man and you don’t want to be a darktard at night cruising or walking around in the pitch black of the desert.



12. Hidden Storage Ottoman


Form + function is an awesome duo that’s surprisingly hard to come by with most products out there on store shelves, and if you can add a third ingredient of secrecy, you’ve got yourself a James Bond grade product to get and keep forever.

This sleek but incredibly priced ottoman looks just like the fancy stuff from that overpriced mall furniture store, but little do your houseguests know, it stores so much stuff in it, it might as well be a black hole. Also, little do they know, it’s stuffed mostly with things that you hurriedly threw in there to make the room look clean.

Don’t worry, they won’t open it, they’ll just sit on it, this is our dirty little secret 🙂



13. Pocket Fan


Just like we said about the water bottle, many things that make life so much easier don’t make the cut just because we don’t have the space for them.

A portable fan for a day out at the park or a long hike or if for some reason you find yourself stranded on a desert island is totally awesome to have, but they’re so awkward to throw into your purse…

Until now.

This is the best pocket fan you’ll ever see, its sleek design folds and can fit in even the smallest bag without taking much room at all. Whipping it out to use will make you feel like inspector gadget, and you’ll save the day when you’re out there mere minutes from heat stroke.



14. Side table with foldable baskets


Just like that sleek ottoman, this side table checks the trio of form+function+secrecy with flying colors.

No one expects tables to have dual storage in the form of 2 foldable baskets, let alone have discreet storage at all.

Add this to your living room and be relieved that you have a place to put everything and anything that you otherwise struggled to find a home for.



15. Sea Salt Hair Spray


We all know the feeling of being on the beach, going for a dip, leaving and hours later at dinner you go in the bathroom and you just have picture perfect hair that’s so easy to work with.

Beach hair is awesome, but it only happens, well, at the beach.

You also often end up with sand in your locks, and you can’t wash out the sand without washing out the good stuff that made your hair look and feel the way it did.

Some genius people came up with the best formula on the market here that accurately replicates all of the good things about beach hair: naturally tousled ‘do that’s super easy to tame and frizz resistant.

You can get its sea salty goodness with a touch of kelp right here and reap these beach benefits no matter where you are, without the annoying sand.


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