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27 of the Most Ingenious Gadgets on Amazon

16. iPhone Camera Lense Pack


Have you ever seen these Apple ads that show breathtaking pictures with the caption “Shot on iPhone”?

They were probably using something like this camera lens.

OK I’m probably lying and those photographers are just really good at using their intuition and timing to capture amazing photos regardless of the medium, but if you want to get photos that will certainly make your IG boomin’, check out this awesome camera lens pack.

It includes 7 different types of interchangeable lenses, from fish eye to wide angle, bringing out your potential as an amateur or professional photographer who doesn’t want to lug around his expensive SLR everywhere. These lenses are also a steal at the price they’re currently selling at.



17. Waterproof Pill Holder


Efficiency is a hallmark of anything ingenious.

A lot of necessities end up as chores that are anything but efficient, and one of those needs is taking medication as needed, especially when you’re out and about and for the sake of your health you need to take more than the average person.

Pillboxes suck to carry around, and this handy little thing fits your mid day dose perfectly while you’re out on the town…

OK, it’s probably more likely that you don’t have a medical condition that requires you to carry pills everywhere…

But people on Amazon buy it for all sorts of reasons, as a compact storage for things like rolled up money, single pieces of gum…basically anything that’s too small to have its dedicated container, until now, stored really convenient in a little colorful keychain that you’ll never lose.



18. Hungover Cookbook


As we get older, hangovers become less of a badge of honor marking a fun weekend, and more and more of an illness like the flu that you just don’t want to have, ever.

We also get hungover more easily, which makes you suspect to a next-morning throbbing headache after a nice cocktail party just as much as you were back in the day at that frat house that drowned everyone in questionably strong Jungle Juice.

This widespread problem of the undeniably adult illness begs the question:

Why is no one offering a holistic cure for hangovers?

You’ve tried all the magic-bullet pill or liquid solutions, and they don’t work like they say they do.

Before you lose hope, check out this cook book, which is packed with homemade goodness that is proven to get you a speedy recovery the morning after in a variety of different ways.

“But how do you cook when you’re hangover?!?!”

The genius of this cookbook is that the 25 recipes are so delicious and fun to cook that you can cook them as dinner the night of your booze imbibing shindig: simply make enough that you have leftovers ready in the fridge the next morning for you to nuke up in minutes so you can soak in its benefits the next day, while having formed a level of immunity the night of by eating that same dinner, prepping your stomach to take alcohol more easily.

Talk about one of the best literal life hacks, ever. Get it here, gift it to yourself or that friend that complains about hangovers way too much at every brunch.



19. Magnetic Trivet


Imagine having a pan that you can heat up on the stove, and you can set it on any surface without worrying about heat damage, without laying out a mat beforehand.

Ok you’ll never actually find a pan that is magical like this, but you will feel like you have one once you use this magnetic trivet that sticks on to the bottom of the pan everywhere you carry it, so you can mindlessly set it down on even the most sensitive of surfaces even when you’re hot off the stove.

Simply set the pan down on the trivet once you’re done with the stove, and voilà, you now have a mythically magical non hot bottom pan.



20. Chilled Yogurt Cup


Have you ever found a gadget that maybe seemed unnecessary at first, but when you brought it into your life, it made things so easy that you just couldn’t live without it?

For all you healthy eaters who pack things to go, it’s likely that you have made your own yogurt based creations, but you had no dedicated container that you could take them to go in, so you just ended up eating them at home.

Maybe one time you bravely took your quickly spoiling yogurt to go in a thermal lunchbox, and by lunchtime, it was creepily lukewarm so you threw it away.

Don’t give up on your yogurt dreams for the office lunch!

This freezable chilled yogurt to go cup is made specifically for the healthy creamy goodness and it’ll keep it at the perfect temperature thanks to its unique honeycomb cell technology.

Even in the hottest longest LA summer commute, you won’t have to worry about getting dairy based food poisoning later on that day.

Try this container (which has its own spoon conveniently attached to it at all times) while you’re out on a hike too and savor the moment when you bust it out hours later and your homemade parfait is perfectly chilled and so refreshing.


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