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27 of the Most Ingenious Gadgets on Amazon

21. Pet Capsule


Going out for a walk with our beloved furry friends is just as much for our own health as it is for theirs.

What happens though when your pet isn’t the best ideal walking partner and you find yourself missing out on more and more of these fulfilling strolls?

Maybe you’re a cat owner who doesn’t know the joy of taking out a four legged pal.

Sometimes, you just want to hold your small doggie close to you as you trek around without worrying about yanking its collar.

This super cool pet capsule makes your pets look like an astronaut on a mission–check out all of the cute pics on Amazon that customers have posted.

From cats to chihuahuas to pomeranians, your little furry friend will thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being at more of a human level of view once they acclimate to the capsule that’s also ventilated incredibly for the pet’s safety and happiness.



22. Book Shelf


For all you proud home (or overly proud apartment) owners out there, you know the joy of having a proper bookshelf in your place.

Ok maybe you don’t know it yet, but you can imagine how awesome it would be to have somewhere to put books, movies and magazines handily on display in an organized fashion.

One of the reasons that many people don’t buy bookshelves is that they are traditionally heavy and bulky and honestly pretty boring to look at.

This book shelf is rustic chic, minimalist and easy to build, and best of all, very pleasing to the eye.

Whether or not you’re a bookworm you can at the very least pretend to be with this stylish addition to your abode for a foolproof touch of great interior design.



23. Hair Scalp Tonic


You probably know this already, but shampoo all the time is totally not good for your hair.

Maybe you adhere to this truth by not lathering up your locks every time you hop in the shower, and you use dry shampoo or wear a shower cap in between.

While these are good alternatives to too many suds, you probably just haven’t found this hair scalp tonic which is the absolute perfect addition to your hair care rotation.

With organic essential oils that stimulate hair growth and promote healthy natural shine, this super efficient and effective tonic is a must for those who care about maintaining their mane.


Fig + Yarrow Hair+Scalp Tonic | 4 oz


24. Milk Frother


There are at least types of drinks that you probably overpay for at cafés because they’re too inconvenient to make at home: cappucinos and lattes to name a few.

You don’t have a $7000 espresso machine complete with a milk steamer, but you also don’t have this astronomically cheaper milk frother that basically yields the same results so you can enjoy a foamy white hot beverage in the comfort of your home.

This one here spins super fast at 13,000 RPMs, guaranteeing top speed to producing your drink of choice. It’ll soon become a handy alternative that will fall perfectly in between busting out a blender or stirring way too long with a spoon for blended drinks like protein shakes.



25. Stress Face Ball


OK you’ve probably seen stress relief squeeze balls but they’re all just literal plain jane balls so they get boring no matter how effective they may be.

Simply looking at this stress face ball will make you crack a smile, imagine having the little guys to squeeze and make hilarious new faces with.

Recommended as a top product to buy by Amazon themselves, this stress face ball is great for adults and temper prone kiddos alike, and is sure to provide stress relief and smiles in the most novel way.


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