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These 27 Things Will Make You Feel Like a Superwoman

6. Migraine Stick

Headaches suck.

Migraines are worse.

Most people don’t understand the actual pain of having a migraine, and the limited solutions to such a hell on earth.

Prescription and OTC medications may do the job, but often have side effects, and it’s just straight up chemicals that probably aren’t good for you.

This all natural, essential oil based migraine stick  will be your absolute savior when you come home with a headache to a mess after a long commute and longer day of work.


7. Crock Pot 8-1


Ok so everyone says they love their grandma’s cooking and since you might be a mom now (or at least old enough to be one), you should get even just a little bit better at cooking.

Chili’s some good stuff.

Pot roast? Even better.

Both of these things require slow cooking, and if you do this on the stove, well…it’s just way too much work.

Have this Crock Pot as your secret weapon.

This a 8 in 1, highly reviewed express crockpot is your best bet if you wanna be the future granny/mommy/awesome woman whose recipes are talked about for generations.


8. Snap Food Strainer


Back to the kitchen because, well, it’s just something you need to master as a future superwoman.

You’re probably cooking pasta and washing things using a big ass strainer that takes up way too much room and you struggle to clean.

Save yourself from that headache with this nifty little foldable, snap on strainer that is simply a godsend.

9. Electric Make Up Brush Cleaner



We all know makeup is a girl’s secret weapon, but as a woman, you should be a pro at this stuff by now.

Remember how when you painted stuff as a kid, and over time all the colors just blended in your brush and became a poopy brown?

You’re painting your face now and probably doing the same thing, or you just have too many brushes.

Solve this problem, have less brushes, blend no colors, and look abso-f*ckin-lutely fantastic with this make up brush cleaner.


10. Salad Container

You ought pack lunch, but you don’t; you ought to eat fruit or salad but you don’t, or if you do, you overpay at the crappy cafe down the street and if you pack your lunch, you probably don’t pack a salad.

This salad container will make fruits and salads fun, and it’s shaped like a cup so you can throw it in your cupholder and eat salad during your commute like the classy multitasking woman that you are (what productive woman hasn’t eaten and driven?)


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