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27 Items on Amazon People are Essentially Obsessed With

16. Silicone Baking Mat

Mankind owes a hell of a lot to Silicone in the recent years of innovation.

From computer chips to bodily enhancements, our vast utilization of this magical element is so appreciated that we named the area of technological revolution, Silicon Valley, after it.

It’s about time then that you innovate in your kitchen–I’m not talking about the obvious technological advancements like your stove or fridge.

I’m talking about your cooking supplies, specifically your baking stuff.

These Silicone baking mats eliminate the need for wasteful paper or excessive non stick oils by just being non stick on their own–they’re good enough to have gotten stellar reviews, and with these you’ll also get to start with a colorful 3 pack in different sizes.



17. Clip on Strainer

One main component to cooking (and in life) is to separate the good stuff from stuff that’s extra or simply unwanted.

Removing unnecessary steps to this process is the icing on the cake which makes life so much sweeter.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve made pasta and strained the water out in a traditional colander, or needed to drain just a little bit out of a pot and resorted to unsuccessfully pouring too much out into the sink.

This clip on strainer will fit just about any pot or pan, and makes life ten times easier by taking up less storage space than a normal colander and having the added unique functionality of being able to strain out a lot or a little.


18. Phone PopSocket

OK, whoever invented this is genius and in a world that’s had smartphones everywhere for years, it’s a wonder that only recently have these become widespread.

You’ve probably seen these before or maybe you already have one, but these pop sockets make it basically impossible to drop your phone, are streamlined with your phone when you don’t need them, and double as a convenient viewing stand and back protector as well.

Designed in the US in Boulder, Colorado, these official PopSockets are superlative to any alternative, get them today and make life with your phone so much better.


19. Bag Resealer

This thing is absolutely brilliant.

With some magic in the form of heat, it will seal up your bag of potato chips, your bag of veggies, and thanks to its literal magnetism, it will stick on your fridge so you never lose it like those inefficient bag clamps that you find yourself buying more of way too regularly.

You can grab one of these handy gadgets here.


20. Car Headset Hooks


OK who really even uses those hooks in the rear seats to hang things other than traveling salesmen who are probably selling life insurance or weird pharmaceuticals.

Despite their practicality, these hooks not only give you that sleazy look when you’re driving, but they block your rear visibility in crucial blindspot.

Get these genius car headset hooks that hang things discreetly inside of your car so you can reap the benefits of having a portable mini closet in your car without the downside.


21. Shower Shaving Foot Rest

When you were living at your parents house shaving your legs, you’d always do it in the tub because it was soo much easier. Now that you’re older, you either don’t have a tub, or are too lazy or conservative with your water to fill it up every time you want smooth legs. Shaving standing up is so hard. You end up doing yoga moves while wielding a sharp object while on a slippery surface.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something to prop your leg on to get easy access to your legs?

Some genius created this Shower foot rest specifically for this purpose. It’s totally worth paying up for this thing versus other alternatives, because it is sturdily manufactured so you will know that you can rely on it to hold you up as you get a close up of your silky legs.


22. Essential Oil Diffuser


You go to this day spa in LA and it just smells magnificent, and the Yoga studio in Portland has a similar scent.

You can bet your wanna be hippie ass that it’s not Febreeze they’re using.

It’s most likely this essential oil diffuser.

Throw it in your home to wow your guests and to give yourself the enlightened, woke Spa or Yoga Studio feeling that you totally deserve.


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