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27 Items on Amazon People are Essentially Obsessed With

23. Russian Doll Measuring Cups

It’s hard to find products that so effortlessly blend form and function in a way that’s often more functional than products of poorer form, so when such a product appears, a rabid fanbase will develop, often to the confusion or criticism of outsiders. Apple is perhaps the epitome of this standard, with its phones and laptops dominating the aesthetically functional realm of technology.

However, since Apple doesn’t make kitchen products, we’re often left with tools that may work but could use some aesthetic love.

These Russian Doll Measuring cups may be the Apple product of kitchenware: you’re less likely to lose your cups since they’re neatly stacked within the nesting formation, and you’ll enjoy using their beautifully measured out halves for your cooking needs.

Get them here as a gift to yourself or others and join the rapidly growing fanbase of classy kitchen connoisseurs who have found pleasure in these discreet measuring cups.


24. Scalp Massage

We love things that literally kill two birds with one stone, that is by doubling output while not increasing effort.

If you’re an ordinary human being of society, you take showers, and when you shower, you shampoo your hair.

What if you could double the pleasure of showering during one of the most boring parts, the shampooing, without any more effort?

Here’s your answer: it’s this hair scalp massager.

Rather than spreading around shampoo with your fingers, use this scalp massager instead.

It’s perfectly shaped for your hand and its perfectly textured bristles stimulate the scalp in the healthiest of ways, so you’ll find a new pleasure by getting a world class head massage every time you take a shower. You know your head is asking for it, so treat yourself next time you hop in the shower and use that Prime membership of yours to get this thing to your door ASAP.

25. Blackhead Removal Machine

We’re not all millionaires or socialites or influencers or whatever you call rich girls nowadays, so we just can’t keep getting hundred dollar facials to keep stuff like blackheads at bay.

Snag this blackhead removal machine for less than the price of your last facial, and kill these blackheads on your own (you know it’s your guilty pleasure to take care of them one by one).’

26. Heated Blanket

There’s something incredibly therapeutic and soothing about heat: some of the fondest memories that one may have involve cozying up to heat of some kind.

Whether it’s a campfire, a hot tub, or a significant other, cuddling up to something that’s warm is one of the simple pleasures of life.

Blankets are great to cuddle with, but their greatest weakness is that they simply capture and give back your own body’s heat, which in cold situations just isn’t enough.

Heated blankets give you the feeling of being fireside with a blanket, but with many options on the market, it’s hard to find something worth buying.

Here’s an option that has 10 different heat settings in addition to its luxuriously soft textured blend, making it a fan favorite for those who want the best of the best in heated blankets. It’s also budget friendly and made to last.

27. Hair Styling Station



hair styling stationLet’s face it. You’re a grown woman now.

Only teenagers are allowed to have messy bathrooms with cords and stuff tossed all over the place.

Have your bathroom looking like a salon and don’t be embarrassed about your bedroom bathroom again by getting this Hair Styling Station.

Bonus Items!

28. Handmade Vegan Bath Bombs 

With so many chemicals and mass production in bathroom products, it’s worth investing in options that are better for the earth and for you, specifically during bath time, the part of your daily routine where you are most vulnerable.

Much of the general public is also unaware that a startling majority of bathroom products conduct harmful testing on animals that would make just about anyone with a conscience upset.

Rather than soaking in man made chemicals and fake scents next time you draw a tub full of warm bath water, throw in one of these hand made (in the USA) bathbombs which are not only 100% animal cruelty free, but they smell absolutely amazing.

You’ll be put into a new level of guilt free, heavenly scented relaxation, and to top it all off you’ll emerge with smooth and supple skin: all of these bath bombs are coconut and essential oil based.

They’re also reasonably priced compared to similar options, and fall perfectly in the category of treat-yo-self (but this time guilt free)

29. Crock Pot 8-1


Ok so everyone says they love their grandma’s cooking and since you might be a mom now (or at least old enough to be one), you should get even just a little bit better at cooking.

Chili’s some good stuff.

Pot roast? Even better.

Both of these things require slow cooking, and if you do this on the stove, well…it’s just way too much work.

Have this Crock Pot as your secret weapon.

This a 8 in 1, highly reviewed express crockpot is your best bet if you wanna be the future granny/mommy/awesome woman whose recipes are talked about for generations.

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