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27 Items on Amazon People are Essentially Obsessed With

30. Electric wine opener

Oh my god your husband went out to get a bunch of bottles of wine for your classy party and he DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOU when you said you wanted SCREW OFF TOPS…

…and then he says he did listen to you, but he was looking up Robert Parker wine ratings and the bottles he bought were 90 plus points compared to the 80 point screw off top bottles

…and then you get in a fight about how the guests won’t care and also how last time you threw a little vino soirée you broke not one but 3 corks using a corkscrew wine opener, embarrassing yourself because you thought you were good at using those (you’re no somm, so you’re not.)

And you wasted money because you got cork chunks in the wine.

So you just dumped the red liquid gold down the sink pretending it was funny but you were crying inside because it was a 93 point $45 bottle…..

This super handy electric wine opener that’s basically foolproof.  


31. Dead Sea Mask (Bonus)


As many articles on the web, like this one on authority fitness blog Livestrong state, there are many benefits to Dead Sea Mud.

Its high concentration of minerals that your skin is made to love make it the perfect product for those who want the best for their skin, whether it’s to clear blemishes or to just give it a naturally healthy glow 24/7.

Among a sea of many others, here is a dead sea mud mask option so highly reviewed that it often sells out. Buyers swear by its benefits, enough that it’s gathered thousands of reviews over the time of its reign among the top of all beauty products on Amazon.

32. Floating Waterproof Phone Case

Nowadays your phone is pretty much your entire life: it’s your lifeline to everyone you know, and full of photos and memories that are absolutely priceless.

We all know how annoying and detrimental water damage can be to your phone.

Don’t let this take away from your enjoyment of H20, whether you’re on a boat, at the pool, or on the beach.

With this floating waterproof case, you can now keep your phone close by even when you’re in the water: this case is not only waterproof, it floats so you will basically never lose it even if the handy wrist strap slips.

As an added badge of its waterproof-ness, it’s certified waterproof up to 100 feet–not that you’ll ever need that, but that should make you confident that your phone is totally cool even if you dive with it in this case.

33. Ultimate Laptop Bag

Traditional across the body laptop bags aren’t for everyone, mainly because they’re tacky and so specifically made for laptops that you can’t really use them for anything else.

Backpacks are often the go-to choice for laptop carriers, but most are larger than they need to be, so they’re silly to carry around with just a laptop in them.

Here’s the ultimate laptop bag that is the goldilocks solution to this problem: it’s a super slim laptop bag with the convenience and trendy look of an urban backpack that will surely become your favorite method of transportation for what’s probably the most valuable, powerful and useful electronic gadget that you own.

Check it out here: it’s so reasonably priced that it’s not a surprise that it has garnered an insane 4000 plus number of reviews while still holding an average of around 4.5 stars.


34. Silk pillow cases

Believe it or not, traditional cotton pillow cases wreak havoc on your hair, particularly if you have sensitive locks.

The coarseness of the cotton, no matter how subtle, tugs at your hair as you toss around in the night, fraying it and stripping away healthy oil.

So now you know, your pillow may be just as much as a factor to a bad hair day as your hair washing products and habits.

Silk is exponentially better for your hair.

These silk pillow cases are pretty much the very best option out there, they’ll fit your pillow perfectly with a truly hidden seam (check out the many positive reviews reviews).

Plus silk will make you feel like the queen you are every night you go to lay your beautiful head of gorgeous hair to rest.

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