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27 NEW Genius Gadgets on Amazon You Haven’t Seen Before

Ballin on a budget, that’s a catch phrase for a reason: we all want to freely buy things that make our lives easier, and to not worry about how much they cost.

It’s hard to find products that fit the bill! So much research, crappy as seen on TV products that are never as good as they seem…

Fortunately we’ve compiled the best list for you, and you can buy them free from any sort of financial guilt, no matter what financial situation you’re in: these budget friendly, impossibly clever inventions are all available for no more than $30. Talk about a real deal life hack that you can buy for the price of dinner and that will satisfy you way longer!

1. Cellphone Camera Lens


Ok, let’s admit it.

We’re envious of photographers. They create iconic works of art, often while traveling the world, capturing the essence of time and place in one eternal moment, in one beautiful photograph…we can wax poetic forever about this romantic, bohemian hobby and career for a lucky few.

One of the biggest hurdles for the ordinary citizen is the cost of a proper camera. Although phones nowadays have amazing cameras, they still aren’t at par with professional DSLRs.

As any photographer knows, it’s the lens that makes the picture, with some of the best costing thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, some great people have created an easy to use, multipurpose lens that you can clip onto your iPhone, Android, or Google phone.

Get it here ; you’ll have your Instagram followers wondering how you took such crisp pictures and you can make your high school friends think you’re a professional photographer nowadays.


2. Bed Band


Nothing makes you feel more like a winner than avoiding some of life’s frustrating moments, especially those that many people think are unavoidable and thus accept as a part of life.

For the longest time, I thought I was the only person who dealt with bedsheets that didn’t stay put.

It always happened at the worst time, too: I’d be looking forward to my comfy bed after a draining day, hoping to cozy up to binge on a new series with a bottle of wine and some snacks, and the moment I plop on to relax, a corner pops up and I have to get the hell up and fix itand then it’d pop up again.

I’d totally pay to eliminate this real first world problem from my life, but I never knew how…until now.

Check out these life saving bed bands that are not only going to forever save you from that dreaded sheet corner pop up, they probably cost less than that Chipotle burrito you had for lunch.


3. Magnetic Key Holder


Imagine having a little personal assistant that did things better than your last little personal assistant, and looked way cooler while doing it.

That’s the feeling you get when you swap out your old key holder with hooks (if you even had one) for this cool one that’s not only trendy but incredibly easy to install without damaging your walls with screws. Oh and did we mention it was magnetic?

You’ll have so much fun using this key holder that you’ll never lose your keys again, get it here.


4. Headphone Wristband


OK so those wireless bluetooth headphones are either too expensive, or you lose them, or they just break, and  now you’re back to your normal headphones with cords that you never lose and they work more reliably than Bluetooth ones.

…But now you’re back to the same problem that caused you to make the switch in the first place, which was the annoying way they’d tangle when you stuffed them in your pocket.

Kill two birds with one stone with these trendy headphones that double as fashionable bracelets for organized storage.

You can get them right here–they’ll make you feel like James Bond when you whip them out and plug them in, and onlookers might think the same: they really do look like just a bracelet.


5. Magnetic Cable Clips


Speaking of cords and tangling, there are tons of cord tangling situations that you can’t eliminate through bluetooth technology or wearable fashion.

Successful people are organized not just because they’re anal, but being organized actually makes you more productive and just makes life so much easier.

Make your cord organization effortless with these cable clips that will have your correct charging cord or input readily available and never messy for your use.

Check it out here, it may be the best $15 you’ve ever spent.


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