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27 NEW Genius Gadgets on Amazon You Haven’t Seen Before

6. Dunky Cup



Some of the most genius products address needs that are never given attention because not enough people realize that there is even a solution.

Cookies and milk, specifically Oreos and milk is a staple of American treats.

Imagine having a dedicated device that will give you the best Oreos and milk combo of your life.

Now you can with the Dunky Cup, which includes free Oreos for your dunking enjoyment.


7. Moldable Glue


In today’s world, we’re often wasteful, most often by buying to replace things that could have been fixed.

It’s just awful when you have a little crack and your gadget, like your laptop charger, is still fully functional but annoying enough that you are considering buying a new one, so you’re stuck in a dilemma.

Thankfully, this moldable glue solves this problem:

Its inventor, a former student at the Royal College of Art, made it with the user in mind as a solution to the waste problem, so we can MacGyver our way through all of those pesky minor fixes without buying replacements.

8. Fabric Defuzzer


We are so luxuriously well clothed that we absolutely take it for granted. Often, we find ourselves trading in old robes for new ones too early because of minor problems that are fixable.

One big culprit is those damn fuzz balls/pill things that seem to always show up on your most desired pieces of clothing. Maybe you let your boyfriend or hubby do your laundry and he totally messed it up, or your impatient roommate put your wool cardigan through the dryer on way-too-hot cotton mode.

Whatever the reason your favorite top was totally ruined, fear not because we have here something that will save it.

Check out this ultra effective fabric defuzzer that will save the day, your wallet, and your clothes, adding lifespan to your wardrobe that you previously never saw.


9. Energy Saver


OK so the last things we mentioned about conserving required some action on your part, which is fine, but if you really want to conserve your personal energy AND save the environment through activist laziness, we have the perfect invention for you.

Whether you just forget to turn things off or you or whoever you live with just leave things plugged in for way too long that they never use, you can definitely use this foolproof, brainless plug in energy saver.

It has really clever settings right out of the box, and if you want to get techy you can set custom settings to maximize your energy savings. All you have to do is to make this thing the middle man between your gadget and the outlet, and watch your energy bill decrease, so you can save money while you sleep! So worth it.


10. No Snore


Anything you can do in your sleep is the epitome of a life hack. Here’s a gadget that will actually make use of your physical sleeping behavior and make things easier for you and your significant other. This anti snore gadget is one that really works.

Chances are you’ve heard of these things, but you never ended up getting one because you didn’t think you needed it.

However, it’s worth giving this a reconsideration:

This Rhinomed Mute Nasal device is 38% more effective than ordinary nasal strips, which means that even if you don’t snore, you’ll breathe more fully during your sleep for better rest, and for those nights when you go to bed with a cold, it’ll be a lifesaver by giving your nostrils more room to breathe easily.

It’s also reusable, which is advantage not just for your wallet but for the environment compared to ordinary nasal strips.


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