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21 Of The Most Underrated Items That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the most sacred place of the home, trumping both the bedroom and the kitchen.

Evidence in the correlation between home resale values and renovated bathrooms prove the previous statement to be true.

Gutting, redesigning, and reconfiguring and entire bathroom can cost loads, like in the tens of thousands of dollars which many of us understandably can’t afford at the moment.

However, you can add a few nice touches while on a budget to pay tribute to this room of daily ritual and make your life a whole lot easier while in the tub, shower or on the loo.

We picked some of the best budget friendly products that are total musts for achieving the bathroom you we’re meant to have, without throwing away thousands on a redesign!

1. Bathtub Wine Caddy


So you convinced your partner that bathrooms are basically just failures that don’t live up to their full potential if they don’t have a bathtub in them (we’re sorry if you don’t have a bathtub in your bathroom :/ but please read on for voyeuristic pleasure), and you’ve been enjoying your time rub a dub dubbing in the tub.

Every now and then you may have tried the wine glass plus tub combo, but you know that although it sounds good in theory, 3 glasses in you know you’ll probably drop the glass somewhere and make a total mess, losing your wine, glass, and ego in the process.

Instead of buying those lame plastic wine glasses, get this dedicated wine holder instead.

Its suction cups will attach to wherever is most convenient, and it’ll give you a perfect foolproof and safe way to hold your wine no matter how many glasses deep you are!

2. Towel Warmer


If you’ve ever been to a really freakin’ fancy 5 star plus hotel pool, in an uber-rich place like Monaco or something, you’ll find that while hopping out of the pool, you will grab a towel that is so toasty and perfect and it just makes drying yourself such a pleasure that you feel like royalty.

Obviously we’re all not millionaires who can afford to go to fancy hotels with warm towels all the time, so we think we have to settle for our ordinary towels–but that’s because we haven’t realized that there’s this towel warmer within budget that will make a day and night difference for your post bathing experience!

For a fraction of the price of a one night stay in a nice hotel, you can bring the warm towel benefits home with you and feel like a king or queen every day of the week, just when you need it most.


3. Waterproof Shower Speaker


Music is a huge part of the shower ritual for many, and most of the time, the ritual is done a cappella.

OK we know you all haven’t won American Idol so your singing is likely sub par, so the sake the sanity of both anyone that lives with you and your own, you should accompany the tunes with the actual music that you’re singing.

Instead of annoyingly playing the music way too loud on a big speaker near the sink, bring the volume down and bring the music right next to you with this dead simple and easy to set up waterproof shower speaker.Parents with kids, you’ll now be saved of music that’s way too loud coming out of the bathroom as well.

This particular model is effectively designed in a user friendly way and is sleek and modern so you can keep it on the wall inside your shower without worrying about it being an eyesore.


4. Toilet Bowl Light


Oh man, the worst ever is getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and being blinded once you turn on the bathroom light.

We’ve even resorted to grabbing our phone and using the flashlight function to make our way to do our business in a less visually painful way–but that extra step is just way too much work when you’re basically sleepwalking.

We probably are all guilty of going to the bathroom in the dark, and for the men out there, that probably means making a bit of a mess.

The only thing you need to see in your bathroom is the toilet, so why not have it light itself?

This genius insight has led to the creation of this super cool soft toilet light that is packed with so many features like motion and light detection as well as 16 different colors.

It’s no wonder that it’s a top seller on Amazon time after time, and the price is surprisingly well within budget.


5. Luxury Bathroom Squeegee


One of the main factors of increasing resale value of a home in the bathroom is simple but luxurious touches throughout.

Whether it’s the faucet handles, the towel holder, or the vanity, life in the bathroom is just a whole lot better if things are just more aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, one of the most convenient and functional items in our bathroom is often hidden and forgotten because of how ugly it is–we’re talking about the lowly squeegee, which is normally an ugly plastic in a non-matching color.

Thankfully, these squeegee advocates made one that is pretty, which allows you to proudly display it anywhere so that you can use it at your convenience to keep the glass in your bathroom streak free all the time.


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