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21 Of The Most Underrated Items That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

6. Rainfall Showerhead


There’s a reason why expensive places like rainfall shower heads.

This simple addition to your shower makes showers more relaxing, saves on water usage, and is less harsh on your skin and hair.

For all of the previously mentioned reasons, most manufacturers mark up rainfall shower heads out of the budget of most people.

Thankfully, this seller on Amazon is selling directly to consumers with one of the best prices we’ve seen.

Check it out here and upgrade your shower experience today.


7. Luxury Bathtub Tray


For those who want to go a step beyond the little wine holder from earlier (which basically is just for emotional coping, let’s be honest) and really feel like royalty, this luxuriously crafted bamboo bathtub tray is for you.

Adding this to your bathing experience opens up a whole new world of pleasure where you can eat a meal in the tub while drinking your wine at the same time.

Imagine soaking up a warm, aromatic tub and reaping the benefits of a dry tray right in front of you: even if you’re not hungry, you’ll have somewhere to put the book you’re reading on that isn’t the floor, you can even journal in the tub, or perch your phone on it so you can throw your hands behind your head and relax without worrying about dropping anything in the floor or the tub.

The price will certainly surprise you, get it today for yourself or as a gift, you’re so worth it!


8. Transparent Makeup Storage Case


You’re already late and you took forever to pick out your outfit and your friends/boyfriend/family whoever is having their patience tested heavily, and you feel super bad about it…but you need to put on makeup, and it needs to look good.

Digging through a bathroom drawer for that combo of 3 things you saw in that YouTube makeup tutorial proves unfruitful as you find just 2 and not the 3rd, so you try to just wing it and it looks bad, then you waste time. You know the deal.

Get it together, girl!

Organize your life and be more efficient with your time by getting this transparent makeup storage case.

It’s the perfect size for your huge makeup collection and you can easily organize your assortment in the many different sized slots.

Totally worth getting ASAP.


9. Bathtub Depth Increaser


Ever been in a pool that’s like 3 feet deep with no deep end and it could just use an extra foot?

It’s super annoying once you think about it, and impossible to fix.

We encounter the same problem in our tub because of an overflow drain that prevents you from soaking all the way up your shoulders with that lovely bath bomb aroma that much closer to your face.

But hey, making the impossible possible is what we’re all about, so when you’re dealing with this minor-but-annoying issue, instead of sliding your bum down in a position that hurts your lower back, sit up straight and watch the water come to you !

This ultimate bathroom life hack can be had for the price of your fancy morning latte, so get it today and enjoy better baths forever.


10. TubShroom Hair Catcher


We talked about snake drain cleaners in an earlier article about Brilliantly Simple Products , and although those are great for thoroughly addressing the costly problem of hair in drains, they’re basically things you’ve used after you already messed up.

Get a real life hack for your bathroom with some properly worry free and mindless damage control instead with this TubShroom Hair Catcher.

You simply plop it in your tub drain and forget about it until occasionally and easily emptying it from time to time.

A worthy investment, we believe.

The only downside is that it might make you think you’re going bald because of how surprisingly fast it looks like you’re losing your precious locks. Grab it here today!


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