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21 Of The Most Underrated Items That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

11. Gorilla Grip Anti-Bacterial Tub Mat


“Oh no, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Ok although this may generate a bit of a laugh, this isn’t just a phrase for old people and cheesy infomercials, but it becomes basically a real danger when you’re showering after a few too many or if you have a kid that jumps around or dances in the shower or tub.

Bathtub mats are the solution, but the problem is that most aren’t made well. They either don’t grip or they get dirty and gross really easily–or both.

Instead of wasting money buying new tub mats all the time, here’s an option that will solve your bathtub woes.

It’s Amazon’s Choice for a reason: people love how grippy it is, and with its anti bacterial and BPA free material, it’ll remain cleaner longer than other options.

Get it today here as insurance against the worst case scenarios, or just a pleasant little cushion to sit your bum on while soaking in the tub.


12. Rolled Towel Rack


As seen by other clever products in this article, we are a believer in efficiency by means of accessibility.

That which we see is in the front of our mind, and when it comes to clean towels, we often stash them away folded up in a drawer.

Instead of making a mess every time you grab a new towel (which eventually devolves into a drawer full of towels tossed haphazardly inside), get this eye pleasing towel rack that drawer ditchers come to love.

Your bathroom will not only have more readily accessible clean towels, but it’ll be more aesthetically pleasing to guests who can easily find and access clean towels with this rack that can be hung both on the wall or a door.


13. 3 Panel Bath Spa Pillow


Soaking in a tub in ultimate luxury is only possible when in total comfort.

When your tub feels like it’s made of the hardest material known to man, it’s nearly impossible to relax when your back is bothering you from a long day of work and commuting.

You may have tried another back cushion option for your tub, but you’re missing out if you’re not getting this well made 3 panel solution by Gorilla Grip.

As the brand name states, its grip will have you confident enough to lean back with your full weight without the annoyance of losing suction and slipping, and as more than one reviewer has stated, their cushions are deceptively comfortable compared to what you might expect based on the pictures.


14. 3 Shelf Shower Organizer


Okay, we all know the friend (or if you’re honest, probably you) who has shampoo bottles and stuff just all over the floor of their bathtub and you’re just tripping all over the things and bending over to pick them up when you shower…

Stop this madness !

Not only are you probably spilling your product and running out of it faster than you should, it just is not a good look when you have someone over to use your shower.

Don’t deal with this frustration of wasted product and general mess, grab this organizer today for a better showering experience.


15. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

So much of technology has advanced and been implemented into ordinary life, but none of it seems to have spread to the ugliest part of our bathroom: the toothbrush and its tubular partner.

Here’s an all in one package solution that takes care of the mouth care duo, with a nifty storage solution for toothbrushes.

The disposer takes care of any tube maintenance: we also all know the person that is just terrible and messy at squeezing toothpaste, leaving the tube in a crumple.

As for the toothpaste holder, well, it protects the brush head which is not only more aesthetically pleasing and acts as a poop particle shield (really–studies like this one written in the Huffington Post show that your toothbrush probably has poop on it)

The latter point right there should be enough motivation for most humans to get it today, and the lower-than-expected price tag just makes it a no brainer.


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