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21 Of The Most Underrated Items That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

16. 3 Chamber Shower Dispenser


Organizing your shower related liquid goods and potions isn’t the easiest thing, and we totally don’t need to be reminded of the branding of that shampoo that we already bought and are happy with.

Lower the sensual output off too many labels and colors and letters, and get minimalist with this 3 chamber liquid dispenser.

Thankfully, this specific product comes with labels so you don’t lather damaging body wash all over your hair or spread your pricey conditioner all over your body.


17. Classy Phone Shelf Toilet Paper Holder


OK it’s sorta gross to take your phone to the toiled with you, but let’s admit we all do it from time to time (or basically always).

Let’s make this better for everyone, for both the proud and the ashamed phone + toilet goers, and eliminate the very real possibility of dropping your phone in the toilet or the even grosser alternative of putting your phone on the floor.

Here’s a classy looking toilet paper holder that doubles as a phone holder for while you’re doing your business so that either your phone doesn’t fall out of your pockets and you have a dedicated space for it.

It’s probably better looking than your current toilet paper holder, so get it today and add some class to your bathroom.


18. Fog Free Mirror 


Having a fogged up mirror after a hot shower is sometimes just a mild inconvenience when we wipe it off to check ourselves out, but when it comes to shaving or putting on makeup, a fogged mirror is totally the devil.

Imagine if you could have a mirror that never fogged so that you would know that even with the longest hottest shower you can use it right away.

A fog free mirror is what these geniuses invented to address these issues and make for a much better bathroom life.

You can even use it in front of a constant stream of hot running water which is a total game changer. Your mirror life will never be the same after you get it!


19. Bluetooth Smart Weight Scale


One of the reasons that Fitbits sell so incredibly well is because they track and incentivize you with data to set and achieve goals.

It’s time you updated your scale to be in line with the benefits of these other gadgets.

This scale is not only easy to read and super accurate, it’s synced with your phone’s data using Bluetooth, making it compatible with just about every popular health app including FitBit and Apple Health.

Buying this specific model will put you in a community that has lost over to 1.5 million pounds according the brand, who also donates to charity during the process.

This sounds like the scale of winners to me!


20. Hands-free Automatic Soap Dispenser

It’s ironic that only public bathrooms reap the benefits of the convenience of an automatic soap dispenser.

If  you get the pleasure of soap coming out at the wave of your hand at McDonald’s, shouldn’t you be able to in 2018 to bring that same technology home with you?

Just about all of us have had the previous rhetorical question run through our minds (maybe every time we hit up a fast food joint), but few of us realize that there is a real life solution that you could buy on Amazon today.

This sleek and minimalist solution is well worth the investment and make you feel like you’re living in the future– not to mention it’s much more sanitary than the traditional soap solution you have today so you’ll spread less germs throughout the house.


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