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These 25 Things Will Help You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

6. Avocado Slicer


You know that the green veggie/fruit thing (fun fact: it’s actually a fruit, specifically a large one seeded berry) filled with healthy fats, the avocado, is totally good for you.

It also keeps showing up in many new recipes you’re finding for your meal prep and health conscious cooking lifestyle.

But the practicality of the actual process of eating the fruit is so frustrating!

You’ll cut it in half, then that seed is stuck in one half and you’ve resorted to swiftly chopping into the seed with a knife and prying the damaged seed out and removing it from that sharp blade, then you grab a spoon to scoop out the flesh.

(Props to you for mastering this dual silverware iron chef maneuver, but it’s doing you no good in the long run and is just way too much effort.)

Some people that must have seriously loved avocados have sympathized with us and created this tool just for avocados, and it’s totally worth it.

Not only will reduce your tool usage to just one piece, it makes opening an avocado foolproof and wastes none of the flesh to the seed or to scooping.

As an added bonus, it includes perfect storage covers for that second avocado half that you sometimes want to save for later.


7. Non slip yoga mat


OK we get it, you’ve gotten the physical appearance down now but you’re woke too so you engage in an exercise that doubles as a moving meditation and promotes self development of your spiritual self.

Now that you’re becoming a little yogi or yogini, you should be enlightened enough to realize that most yoga mats on the market are made with harmful chemicals that aren’t good for the earth or for you.

Cork mats seemed like the only option but you don’t like the idea of a papery feeling against your bare hands and feet during a hot yoga class, plus a lot of them are overpriced or they chip into pieces over time.

Get this eco friendly, perfectly padded non-slip yoga mat and feel good about the fact that it’s constructed from eco-friendly material and is just as functional (if not more) as your old rubber yoga mat.


8. Spiralizer

The biggest part of keeping a positive new habit is incentive, which is why you have previously kept your old damaging but rewarding and fun habits.

Here’s a pro tip:

Make healthy stuff fun!

Admit it, you’re still that kiddo that needs to pretend that broccoli is a fun UFO flying into your mouth with the stomach as a final destination.

Add some fun into your veggie prepping with this spiralizer, which we promise is as fun to use as it looks 🙂

Spin away! For the parents among us whose kids don’t fall for the veggie-as-a-spaceship trick, you will love it too.


9. Popsicle Mold Set

Your life doesn’t have to get boring to be healthy! You can still engage what still feels like a guilty pleasure, when in reality it isn’t.

Someone made these popsicle mold sets with that intention in mind, so you can have fun both making and eating homemade popsicles (options are endless!) which will almost certainly be healthier than any option you can buy in store.

These ones are also Italian made, super high quality and certified FDA non toxic for safe freezing and eating as you enjoy new healthy alternatives to old fattening harmful treats.


10. Super Lite No Show Socks

OK Admit it you lose all your matching socks when you buy fun colorful ones so you probably need to order new ones anyways… so here’s your excuse.

Even better, you’ll now have super lite no show socks made specifically for running, so you’ll be guilt tripped into putting miles on your feet when you throw them on because that’s what these are made for, and they’re made by a company that many serious runners love, Saucony,  so you’re basically a runner by association now.


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