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These 25 Things Will Help You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

11. Resistance Band

It is critical to incorporate exercises into your routine that you can do long term when you’re past your prime so you don’t take it too far and leave your older self injured.

Swimming and biking are the epitome of this rule of thumb, but it’s hard to find pool time or road space, and biking machines get boring.

You can reap the benefits of both of these low impact and joint friendly activities using these resistance bands. These ones are high quality so you won’t worry about them not holding up, and they come in fun colors with a carrying bag and instruction booklet as a nice touch.

12. Balance Ball Kit


Speaking of awesome, full body low impact activities, surfing is arguably the best activity to engage in.

Unfortunately, many will live their lives without reaping its benefits due to the steep learning curve, price, and scant locations (not everyone has the free time and money to live the surf bum life of the Endless Summer like Robert August and Mike Hynson).

Simulate the incredible benefits and fun of surfing at home with this awesome balance ball kit, which just like the waves, is an unpredictable surface for you to exercise on top of and develop balance for better health physically and mentally.


13. Wireless Headphones

Everyone needs solid motivation when working out, and your favorite pump up tunes have carried you through some of your best workouts.

Nothing is worse, however, than being in the middle of your favorite jam during a vigorous workout, and your phone slips, causing your headphones to unplug.

This total vibe killer not only ruins your flow, but makes you turn down the intensity and thus the calorie burning of that jump squat to pushup to pullup workout you were doing.

Save yourself from any sort of headphone unplugging or cord tripping without breaking your wallet: this manufacturer direct pair is the best on the market when it comes to a great quality with a great price tag.


14. Perfect Portions

For you overachievers who dove deep in the rabbit hole of fitness and are on that macro micro stuff and can use some perfectly portioned stuff for each macro and micro nutrients, these containers will be your new jam.

Even if you don’t know nor don’t care what micro or macro even means when it comes to dietary stuff, you can still use these fun containers that will remind you to balance out your nutrients. These ones even come with a handy recipe book. You’ll impress your friends and coworkers in the process too!


15. Portable Massage Pillow

Every serious gym goer and athlete knows that the real benefits are reaped in between workouts during the recovery period.

Proper recovery lets you put a worthy amount effort into your next workout so you can gather compounded rewards.

Nothing is worse than having a structured workout plan and being sore on your scheduled workout day from days before. Not only will you give a half hearted effort that will burn only half the calories, you may even skip the workout day so you can rest more.

One of the best ways to drastically reduce soreness time is to get a massage. Not all of us have paper like that though, and it’s tough to sort through all of the options of at home gadgets that will mimic healing hands.

This sleek and stylish massage pillow is a great option for those who don’t want something that looks like the gift massage pad they bought for their grandma last year.

It’s even low key enough for the office so you can keep the blood flowing in the lower back so you’re better warmed up for the gym later that night.


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