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These 25 Things Will Help You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

16. Oil Spray

When you embarked on this health journey, you started to address the oil situation in your pantry. Much to your dissatisfaction, those handy aerosol options had to be ditched to fit your new diet.

Olive oil is great but no one seems to make reasonable spray on options, they’re either too expensive for the actual ounces in the container or you’re dubious of the purity of the contents as you’ve done more research.

Save money and your sanity and gain control with this oil mister spray.

Compared to the other options on the market, this one produces the closest results to those aerosol cans so you can now use olive oil for baking purposes or for even and light dispensing for whatever new dietary need you may have.


17. Grain Steamer

Healthy grains are making a featured appearance in your diet, but before you keep busting out that old rice cooker, have a look at this grain steamer that’s made for healthy grains like quinoa and oats.

As a bonus, it includes a steam basket so you can effortlessly steam fresh veggies at the same time that your grains are preparing.

Use their included recipe book too and this might just become one of your favorite kitchen appliances, ever (not to mention one of your healthiest). This steamer is also very reasonably priced for everything it includes.


18. Egg Separator

Back to new chef moves that you simply don’t need to master, when it comes to egg whites, how many times have you resorted to pouring the egg back and forth between two shell halves so that you’re just left with the yolk?

Not only is this process incredibly messy, but there’s just too much room for error.

Instead of messing up every other egg white, or overpaying for egg whites that are probably not even fresh, use this tool that was made specifically for the job.

Next time you’re whipping up that egg white omelette or rewarding yourself with some meringue, you’ll surely thank us.


19. Jump Rope

You’ve never experienced cardio until you’ve gotten through a good jump roping session.

Even better if your jumprope is weighted.

Boxers are some of the most physically fit individuals on earth because of their combination of cardio endurance and sheer speed and strength, and it’s no coincidence that jumproping is a staple in the training routine of glove wielders everywhere.

Get Rocky fit and defeat the foe that is your big old self as you jumprope your way into your dream body with this perfectly weighted jump rope that comes in sleek colors for a design you’ll want to use.


20. Food Huggers


Well, this one, we must admit, is truly genius…

Most meals fit into traditional containers because their many chunks can easily conform to whatever form storage may present.

Whole fruits and veggies leave one with no choice but to resort to waste, whether it’s in the form of plastic wraps or wasted extra room in traditional square containers that will never perfectly fit the odd shape at hand.

This one and only Food Hugger, sold directly by its Einstein level inventors, solves the problem in the most genius way by only preserving the half that needs protecting, hugging the edges for a perfect fit.

Show these guys your gratitude and support further innovation in the era of vanilla products manufactured by large companies by getting these today!


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