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These 25 Things Will Help You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

21. Medicine Ball

medicine ball

No home gym will be complete without the ultimate tool for a six pack outside of the kitchen: a medicine ball.

You may have used medicine balls in the past for ab workouts, but you may not have discovered this one that has handles carved out that do nothing to take away from its overall weight, making it the perfect weapon for your war against an unsightly gut.

Thank us later when you drop a pant size after regular use and no longer need to use dishonest spandex under any of your clothing.


22. Avocado Sealer Pod

Ok, ok, we love avocados and you probably do too.

It’s so damn hard to capture them in their window of peak ripeness: one day they’re rock hard, the next day they’re perfectly soft and the next hour they’re brown.

So next time you bust open a perfectly green and soft guacamole precursor and you can’t eat the other half right now, you’ll be able to preserve its legendary state of perfectly soft greenness long enough to enjoy for later with this Avocado Sealer Pod.


23. Sleep Mask

You may not know, but sleep is absolutely essential to weight loss.

Here’s a quote from an article entitled Sleep More, Weigh Less on Web MD that may surprise you:

“Researchers found that when dieters cut back on sleep over a 14-day period, the amount of weight they lost from fat dropped by 55%, even though their calories stayed equal.”

Numerous other studies like this one from The National Sleep Foundation cite that sleep masks improve the duration and quality of crucial REM sleep.

Here’s a reasonably priced and highly reviewed sleep mask that will help you get better sleep, particularly if you’re a student or live with a partner or a roommate who gets up and goes to bed at different times than you.

It’s handmade with 100% cotton and is manufactured to make sure it fully & effectively blocks out all outside light, ensuring that you’ll get sleep at night or allowing you to get a great midday nap in any lighting environment.


24. Affirmation Cards

So you have this friend who watched the movie “The Secret” and is super into the Law of Attraction and honestly, you find them kind of…weird.

You get drinks with them one day and they tell you all the great stuff that has come out of their life through manifesting affirmations they’ve made, and even though they’re slightly glazed over and you still think they’re a bit crazy, you sense some truth to their apparent madness.

Motivation and self worth are absolutely key ingredients to crushing goals like having a sexy bod through losing weight and gaining good muscle, and these Affirmation cards will absolutely do the job of raising both of those ingredients without the cheese of most self help advice or woo-woo new age stuff that’s a bit too much for you.


25. Alarm Clock

Most alarm clocks are downright abusive.

You’re not in boot camp, so do yourself a favor (especially if you sleep with a significant other), and effectively nudge yourself awake rather than blasting painful dissonance into your ears.

You may have tried gentler alarm clocks in the past that didn’t work, or maybe you’re a heavy sleeper and are afraid that subtle options won’t work.

This clever alarm clock has many different settings, including one that wakes us up the same way our pre-clock ancestors did: through (convincingly simulated) sunlight.

The nature based sound options, which include waves and ambient rainforest effects will have you smiling your way out of bed, ready to start the day with lower stress levels.



26. Brain Booster


You’ve made a great transformation in the past year, and your friend who hasn’t seen you in a while affectionately calls you a meathead.

You don’t know what to think–it’s a compliment, because to be a meathead you must be in shape and fairly muscular, but it’s an insult because meathead often means you’re a Jersey Shore type whose functioning brain cells have since been replaced with muscle milk.

Bust all of these stereotypes and remain intelligent throughout your bodybuilding process with this brain boosting supplement.

While focusing on your outward appearance, it can be easy to overlook the importance of keeping your mind in good health.

Even though the meathead stereotype is largely a myth, you’ll still find much benefit with more clarity and intensity in both your workouts and your work so you can win life daily on your terms, in all areas.

Get these highly reviewed brain boosting supplements to make you a well rounded human being!


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