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These 27 Budget Friendly Amazon Basics Are Absolute Must Haves

It’s the simple things in life that give pleasure, right?

Although a lot of the best simple things in life aren’t free, we’ve gathered together a list for you that will certainly make your life happier.

Best of all, these are things that will make you happy right off the bat because everything on this list is reasonably priced and many will fit on even the tightest of budgets.

Without further ado let’s kick off this list for the sake of your wallet and your life.


1. Foot Rest


Sitting can kill you.

Yeah, that’s right.

Numerous studies, including this one published by CNN that shows that even with exercise, spending too much time on your tush daily is a huge factor in an earlier death.

One of the biggest reasons that sitting is deadly is the poor circulation throughout the entire body when in a standard sitting position, especially to the feet which are used to being stimulated in healthy ways through walking.

Although the best option is a standing desk, a lot of those are outside of the budget of the ordinary citizen.

This foot rest made by Amazon themselves will help to stimulate healthy circulation along with the added bonus of a massage with its textured surface.

Throw it under your desk at work and at home and reap the benefits that are totally worth its surprisingly affordable pricetag.


2. Office Chair


Well made office chairs and reasonable prices don’t normally go hand in hand.

As we mentioned earlier, we spend way too much time on our bums, and not only is it harming our health, it’s causing unnecessary stress and strain if the chair you spend all day on isn’t well made for your body.

With its ergonomic and highly adjustable design, it’s no wonder that this chair by Amazon basics is a top seller.

As an added bonus, it looks at least twice as much as it costs. It’s also made to last, so it may be the last office chair you need to buy, so it’s totally worth the minor initial investment!


3. Mesh Wastebasket


Just like a cat has its litter box and trained dogs are cued to go only if they’re outdoors, we humans need incentive as well when it comes to being neat.

Thank God everyone knows that the toilet is where you do your business at (just about, except for your drunk roommate that one time in college).

With trash, it seems that nearly everyone is suspect to letting trash collect in unwanted places when there isn’t a trash can nearby.

In bedrooms and cubicles alike, people have the tendency to litter around, creating trash corners rather than utilizing actual trash cans…we need to end this!

Grab this mesh wastebasket and put it where you need it most so you or anyone else has a dedicated trash area so you can keep your place effortlessly organized.


4. Scissors 3 Pack


House staples always seem to go missing the moment you need them, and scissors are no exception.

It’s totally the worst when you ball out at Nieman Marcus and bring home a $400 T Shirt that has a pesky tag on it that needs to be cut off, and since you don’t have scissors nearby, you test your finger skills and end up ripping a hole in something that’s basically worth your monthly car payment.

You need more scissors in your life, and you need them to be bright so you never lose them.

Here’s a 3 pack of scissors that’s a top seller on Amazon for a reason: smart people are scissor hoarders and keep a pair in basically every drawer in every room in their house because you never know when you need one.

They’ll probably also be the most comfortable scissors you’ve ever owned with their form fitting design and soft rubber handles.


5. Standing Comfort Mat


Sitting is awful for you in the long run; some call “sitting the new smoking” but in the short term, it’s just so damn comfortable, which makes it hard to make the healthy choice.

Update the comfort department of your standing situation and save your life and your feet with this standing mat.

If you want to go full force at home grab a standing desk as well while you’re at it, or if you even just want to replace the standing mat in your kitchen with this thing, you’ll start to love the new normal of feeling like you’re standing on a massaging cloud while doing dishes or preparing dinner.


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