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These 27 Budget Friendly Amazon Basics Are Absolute Must Haves


6. Shredder


Unwanted snail mail is the absolute worst, and more often than not, that mail ends up right in the garbage.

Sometimes we toss out those useless letters in the trash without evening opening or thinking to rip them up before they go in the bin–and this is a huge no-no.

A lot of people think that stealing people’s info from literal, physical mail is so 2002 but articles as recent as 2018 warn us that these kind of trash diving thefts are out there and they’re ripping people like you off who think “it’ll never happen to me”.

Instead of going through the pain of manually ripping up the mail and making sure you render all the personal stuff illegible, grab this shredder as your go to mail trashing option.

This thing also destroys unwanted credit cards too, and it does it with style. You’ll probably find it oddly satisfying to use and end up using it to do other things, like shredding pictures of your crappy ex.


7. Washcloth Pack


Turns out, there are tons of uses for washcloths: here’s a good article listing many new uses you may not have thought of.

Here’s an economy pack from Amazon that can get you loaded up on the washcloths for all of those newfound need.

It’s also great etiquette to give guests of your house brand new, unused wash cloths, so for that purpose it’s totally worth having some extras to impress those in-laws in at least one area of your life.


8. Moving Boxes


Packing up your life and transporting to a new place is annoying on its own, and making things easier with moving boxes is a smart move.

Having smaller ones on hand that are easy to carry and label for personal items is a smart move, but you might need more than you think.

Here’s a well made 15 pack at an amazing price that will save you a trip to and a haul from the store to grab that many at once. Not only will you probably use them all, but they’re 100% recycled so you’ll feel good about your purchase.


9. Laptop Bag


If you’re just throwing your laptop in your backpack, you’re doing it wrong.

Getting a laptop bag is one of the most efficient moves for those that commute with their laptops to work, as you’ll have a slim and dedicated carrying case for arguably your most valuable item you own.

There’s no need to break the bank again for one that does the job well: Amazon is well aware of this and has made its own that you can get right here for under $20, and it’ll probably the last one you’ll ever need (or an option to cheaply replace your more expensive current bag).


10. Filing Folder


One of the biggest life hacks ever is bringing a filing folder, which is normally at home in an office, to a drawer in your bedroom, and making sure to use it!

Not only will you now have an organized place to throw receipts, letters, and important documents, you’ll have a discreet hideaway for small items like jewelry, cash, or whatever goodies you want to stuff away somewhere only you know.


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