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These 27 Budget Friendly Amazon Basics Are Absolute Must Haves

11. Single Serve Coffee Cup Storage


The irony of single serve coffee cups like K Cups is that even though their purpose is to save you time, the boxes that they come in do anything but that.

Instead of fumbling for coffee cups when you’re rushing in the morning before your caffeine fix (and ironically, during the process of trying to get your caffeine fix), get yourself a dedicated stand for each of your cups.

Not only will you just be able to grab a cup and go in your half dead half asleep state, you’ll be able to easily organize and pick different flavors.

Get it here for a new normal of more efficient mornings and something in your kitchen that will make your friends think you’re the most organized person ever.


12. Glue Sticks Pack


You’ve probably forgotten the joys and convenience of using a glue stick.

Here’s a 12 pack brought to you by Amazon that gets the quick glue job done well and will conveniently be the last time you’ll need to buy glue sticks in like forever.

We promise that you’ll also get the precious nostalgic feeling of being a child when you use these, no matter how serious the job may be.


13. Copy Paper


It’s often the boring stuff that we forget to buy right when we really need it.

Here’s a load of paper for you to have so you can be loaded and paper rich 🙂

You’ll never have to buy printer paper again and it’ll certainly come in handy and save you money when you need to print out letters or a whole bunch of documents for that new business venture you and your college roommate are hoping to become millionaires from.


14. Chair Mat


Damage often happens slowly.

Ever seen old marble steps at a museum that have dents on them from people walking?

Yeah, crazy huh.

Now think of the damage that rolling chair is doing to your floor–it’s way more direct and can result in visible scratches.

Get one of these chair mats now instead of holding off until you’ve got scratches that you can’t do anything about and those pesky in laws or judgemental fake friends are coming over for that fancy party you’re trying to throw.

This one is really highly reviewed and is made to last and reasonably priced for its stellar quality.


15. Glass Corner Desk


If you’re a recent home owner, or if you happen to have a pretty big apartment, chances are that you have a corner in some room that doesn’t serve a purpose.

Increase your productivity, feng shui and aesthetic of your pad with this sleek glass corner desk.

Expect positive comments from house visitors once you have this thing installed (we promise it’s easier than building IKEA furniture).


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