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These 27 Budget Friendly Amazon Basics Are Absolute Must Haves


16. Complete Home Repair Kit


Why hire a handyman when you can be one yourself?

Instead of browsing DIY threads with envy and disappointment when you realize you don’t have the correct tool for the job, grab this Complete home repair kit that will most likely have exactly what you need.

It’s also much easier on the wallet than a typical toolkit and Amazon made sure to offer you broad access to the correct tool without overwhelming you with too many options and sizes.


17. Paper Clips


You may not know how functional the humble paper clip can be, but you will certainly be enlightened after learning about its many clever uses which include installing SIM cards, picking locks, and hiding bra straps (among literally hundreds of others).

With hundreds of uses you might as well have hundreds of them.

Or how about a thousand of them. (here’s a 10 pack of 100 each)

Instead of fumbling for mismatched paper clips or searching your couch cushions for old ones, get this handy 10 pack that Amazon has made themselves and start off your multi tasking paper clipping fun !


18. Extension Cord


We are such a plugged in society that needs to unplug and get some nature, but doing that is just so damn hard.

Can’t we just compromise?

That’s what you can do if you own this 50 foot long extension cord.

The joys of owning a true outdoor extension cord are enormous: you can charge your phone way out in your backyard while looking at the stars, you can bring out your laptop and watch a movie under the moonlight in a tent even when it’s raining (given that your tent is waterproof) because this extension cord is totally waterproof and tear resistant.

Get it here today and get your nature dose with a side of screen time next weekend night.


19. Correction Tape


Ok we’re all human so we all make mistakes but can’t we just cover them up like they never happened?

Whether you need to correct something you’ve typed out for work, school or fun and art, this supremely well made Correction Tape by Amazon themselves is pretty magical because it’s like starting with brand new paper that you can write on.

As an added use case, you can apply this on those stupid sticky notes in your office or home and make them say what they really should say.


20. Electronics Travel Case


Chances are you don’t have an overpriced wildly modular urban backpack, so you probably just toss your electronics and all associated cords and headphones into your bag.

Efficiency is a part of every productive person’s life, and having to fish for things and untangle cords is just another annoying bump in the road in travel where being inefficient often comes along with the price of your sanity.

Delegate this important part of the traveling process to this handy case which will quickly become your favorite travel buddy.

You’ll also save time going through TSA by easily being able to separate your electronics during the otherwise incredibly stressful process.

Get the quality case made by Amazon right here in either one pack or 10 to gift to others.


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