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These 27 Budget Friendly Amazon Basics Are Absolute Must Haves


21. Shelf on Wheels


Having things conveniently located exactly when you need them, right when you need them, is part of an optimized lifestyle for a productive human being.

Inch closer to that ridiculous goal of productivity, perhaps with a slight fake-it-til you make it attitude, with this handing shelving unit.

It’s the perfect size to fit anywhere even in the smallest of rooms, and once you start throwing things on it, you’ll see how much more easily you’ll find things that you typically lose.

As an added bonus, it’s on wheels and super easy to build so you can quickly start reaping its benefits.


22. Envelopes


OK, you may think you’ll never need to do it, but you’ll probably have to send snail mail someday, whether it’s a check or it’s a romantic hand written letter to a distant lover who’s off in another country.

Instead of buying the way overpriced envelopes at the post office or hitting up the store for envelopes every time you need to mail something because you can’t find the last pack you bought, why not just get a lifetime supply and call it a day?

Do it now for about the price of your monthly Netfilx subscription, and get yourself a lifetime of dope envelopes for all of your future mailing needs and that should be enough to call it a productive day.


23. Mega Pack of Tissues


You probably go through tissues like they’re water on a hot day because they’re just so useful for everything, whether it’s taking care of your allergies, makeup removal or precision dusting.

Might as well get a lifetime (well, probably 1 year) supply while you’re in online shopping mode.

It’s an investment that will save you time and money in the long run, get this mega pack today and reap the benefits of being tissue rich in as soon as 2 business days.


24. Multi-Pocket Functional Classic Backpack


Most backpacks are great, but sometimes you just wish they had a few more pockets.

Well, Amazon was aware of this need and it became the genie granting your wish to this problem.

Here’s an amazing Amazon backpack with enough pockets to organize your many things with room to spare to stash other goodies.

It’s also surprisingly budget friendly: check out the price here, it’s almost certainly less than the average college girl’s weekly Starbucks budget.


25. Rolling Laptop Case


Rolling a suitcase around when you’re travelling is such a nice feeling, it’s like taking a heavy thing for a walk with almost zero effort.

If you’re carrying things day to day, it can certainly become annoying and wear down on you.

Briefcases and laptop bags are both too small to have rolling options that make life so much easier…right?


Here’s an awesome laptop case that you can either carry or roll.

As an added bonus, it expands to fit more stuff in and is small enough to stash under even the smallest of airplane or bus seats so you can be assured that your precious laptop will be close to you at all times in your journey.


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